Asteroid based on earth model

The following image (GIF), is an Earth model for gravity (and by consequence, height), in this case, without oceans.
I realized that with the appropriate texture, Earth could be an asteroid in the HW set.

Have a look:

Eventually I’ll (research and) find this model for rendering.


That looks great! :slight_smile:

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I am extremely confused by this, but I do have to admit that it’s very asteroid-looking.

Sorry for some misinformation.

"A weird animated graphic depicting a distorted, lumpy Earth has gone viral over the ‘Net in the past few days, claiming that this is what the Earth looks like “without water.”

There’s only one problem with it: nope. Nopity nope nope nope.

That’s not at all what it shows. What it actually depicts is the Earth’s geoid: a way of describing Earth’s gravitational field. The original graphic is a product of the MATLAB package described by Ales Bezdek (credits at that link). Here it is in all its knobby goodness:

Better info about this here:

Original study here:

Regarding this last link, does anyone have a clue how to extract the model from the MatLab package?

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Lol, this still makes no sense to me, although it would probably help if I sat down and read it :wink:. It completely disagrees with everything I thought I knew about gravity.

For the lazy…

Earth’s gravity isn’t smooth at the surface but is stronger in some places than others. That’s because the Earth isn’t a perfectly homogeneous sphere (that is, the exact same density throughout its interior) but has some places where it’s more dense and places where it’s less dense. That affects the surface gravity.

Similarly, the center of mass of the earth is not the same as the earth’s centroid.