Astral Projector Amara build (Gun Goddess update)

Just wanted to share my build. It is not min/maxed fully, but I have the major components, and it SHREDS bosses and mobs with ease.


v1 -
v2 -

The whole builds centers around the +250% damage after Phasecast anointment. All my weapons have this anointment and whenever I use Phasecast they will all MELT enemies.

Recursion is the bread and butter of the build and what I use most when mobbing.

Cutsman is mainly to heal via Sustainment, but it’s good against mobs and big enemies.

Krakatoa is the boss melter. Use Phasecast, melt Tyreen or Graveward in seconds.

Hellshock is a good sidearm and better for single targets that are not bosses or don’t have easy to hit crit spots, like Maliwan heavies.

Carrier is just a backup to the Krakatoa if I run out of ammo mobbing. It’s not as strong as it could be since I don’t have a point in Infusion which generates another projectile, but it’s still super strong due to the anointment.

Ion Cannon I just have there as the rocket launcer option. It’s not necessary to the build.

Phasecast comes back about 2 seconds after my last stack of Mindfulness goes away. To really min/max this build, I need to boost action skill cooldown rate by maybe 30% so I can just spam Phasecast and always have max damage.

One idea I had was to use the All-In shield, as it drops boosters that give 50% CDR and also ones that boost luck, which is nice. It can come with a shock resistance. I just need one that is anointed for ASE +50% incendiary or corrosive bonus damage. Transformer is nice when I run shock as my element, but if I swap elements (to boost Krakatoa with Elem Proj) it’s like any other shield. For now it will do because All-In requires farming a story mission and I’m not ready for that. If anyone has other ideas that could work please post here.

And yes, I could just look for a class mod and/or artifact that boost CDR, but there are better stats to go for actually. I just need to get enough CDR from other sources (Guardian rank) to push it low enough to spam.

Also, the 300% Phaseslam anointment is technically better, I just only have the full set for Phasecast. If I had a full set of Phaseslam anoints I would use Fracture, because it has the same cooldown timer as Phasecast.

Lastly, if they increase the level cap I plan to move a few points around between Arms Deal and Helping Hands then travel down the blue tree to get to Laid Bare and Wrath:

Expect something like this to be the meta build for Amara. Even if they pump up mayhem to OP levels this build will still be a workhorse.

UPDATE 3/11/2020

PS. The new video is of me using the action skill cooldown trick to allow myself to spam Phasecast and see how things could work in the future.

After testing a bunch of stuff, I decided to swap over to Phasegrasp and ASE 100% damage or ASE bonus elemental damage for each weapon until we can get more level caps.

Using Restless with both a mod and artifact that have action skill cooldown rate boosts you can spam Phasecast enough to keep Driver and ASE anointments active. However, giving up the tanky stuff on the green tree makes true takedown much harder. Guardian Angel by itself is such a life saver, plus all the extra damage reduction you get. This way I can continue to use my build I just can’t use the BEST version of it yet.

Removed the point from Conflux just to avoid putting myself into FFYL. Conflux would be a definite part of the final build, but for now it’s safer just to cause a single element to myself.

Renamed the build Astral Projector since shes Phasecast with Elemental Projector and Projectile Recursion.

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Since you mentioned the cooldown issue, have you considered removing 7 points of the green tree and get 5/5 in restless for extra CDR? That also gives you Stillness of Mind, which is great for mobbing. This means giving up guardian angel and arms deal, but it may work.

I’m running a Phasecast build but with Avatar, I’ll try your build and see how different it performs.

The thing is you really REALLY want Guardian Angel. If mayhem 2.0 is going where I think it’s going, you will need to be more tanky.

When we get another level cap increase, Restless/Stillness of Mind is the first thing I’m coming for.

I came across the Loop of 4N631 shield and thought this could work too, but only if it can come anointed.

FYI, Fracture does NOT proc Phaseslam anointments… so I recommend you to stay with Phasecast anoin (that’s what I actually do :wink: )

Really? Well… that’s dumb. It should, considering it is under the phaseslam tree.

Does that not mean other Phasecasts do not proc Phasecast anoints?

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Fortunately, no, Phasecast anointments procs with every kind of Phasecast buff :+1:t2:

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I updated the OP with a newer version of the build.

Restless helps, however I still need a class mod AND artiface with the action skill cooldown rate boost. For now I decided to swap to Phasegrasp and ASE 100% damage or ASE bonus elemental damage anoints.

The video I used a bug just to see what the build could potentially look like at level 75, when I can spec into the blue tree and get Avatar.

I love that someone else is using this build. I’ve been rocking this for months now and love it. I also have a Wedding Invitation with the Phasecast annointment and it takes about 11-12 rounds to drop graveward on TVHM M4.

But could you confirm that you have a hellshock with the Phasecast anointment? That seems brutally overpowered if so… I run this gun on my Moze as a primary and can fly through the game and melt everything with the only exception of Wotan on M4. If Phasecast anointment exists then maybe i need to get back to farming gigamind!


Hi, can you explain how are you keeping that shock status effect on yourself to proc the elemental projector?

It does exist, so you should visit Gigamind :wink:

I have a Hellshock with Phasecast and consecutive hits anointments.

After posting this I’m actually finding the consecutive hits Hellshock and +75% rad Recursion to be more effective. The first because it’s independent of action skills and the second because you can actually do more damage with more projectiles.

Spiritual Driver procs your elemental DOT on yourself when you trigger your action skill. The most effective method is to spam Phasegrasp. What I did in the video is theoretically possible once they up the level cap and you have both a class mod and artifact with action skill cooldown rate bonuses. However I was using a glitch to keep my Phasecast cooldown that fast. In order to do what I’m doing legit we would need to be at least level 60 to get to Restless on the blue tree.

And if you spec a point into Conflux on the red tree you can proc 3 DOTs on yourself at once (fire, shock, corrosive) which if you are using ASE elemental anointments means you can significantly boost your damage.

Very underappreciated anointment.