At a loss for words

Don’t have a mic, just loaded into game and was called racist?!?!

edit: I am not mad or hurt by the interaction, merely confused. What is the standard for being racist nowadays?

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Did you made a joke about Truxicans? how dispicable of you?

You see 100% of the interaction…

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so someone one the internet called you a bad word

you are going to have a really bad time with any online play ever

why care what random idiots think about you?


I was joking. lol
He’s probably a troll or just thought it was fun to mess arround with you?

HAHAHA! Nope, but it was a first being called racist for doing absolutely nothing. Wasn’t sure if that is the new standard?

i have been called racist and a whole list of other insults including ones based on my race and sex and i never chat in public matches thanks to the gears of war 2 days

I even had one player say i sucked because i had a job and couldn’t get to rank 100 because of work on Gears 2 while he bragged about how being unemployed let him be good at the game

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I once had someone say I wish you and your family came down with terminal illness just for joining a dungeon group and saying greetings humanoids.

Moral of the story is don’t let it bother you maybe just pay them a compliment probably either having a bad day or just trolling you, given that players name trolling is likely the issue lol.


yeah those are some of the best ones too.
I miss the my ________ works for ________ and i am going to get you banned
And the old faithful
I am going to hack your account

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The media and people have overused the term so much for so many things that everything is racist or offensive or some other outrage-worthy thing. Just ignore it and move on, there are other people to play with anyway.

Did you report this with you mom too ?


Surely you’ve come across people exactly like this before? I think you’re best moving on with your life.

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Sad. Player pobalby has unmedicated LPD or TDS.

Yeah this is a polite troll.

Early COD games was a fun introduction into the online community

It seems you play that game and all of a sudden
They hoped my mum had cancer, aids, they were over my house banging my mum,

They were the coolest kids ever you know why? They listen to rap music over the mic to ensure you of their coolness.

Group leading afk farmers are the reason I don’t coop with strangers

obviously it was the skin and color choice.

Racist is one of the many words that lost meaning these days.

Apparently if you criticize anyone that is non European, you are racist. If you criticize a woman, you are sexist. Your arguments don’t matters. Secretly you attack them because you are racist/ sexist.

If you say you are not racist, you are racist.

You can’t win with these people. Just ignore them.


So it’s true what they say… :thinking:

I think it was the name ‘Azreal’ and they may have been offended in someway. Just google it.

logging in online mad as hell at the world because I want to post a contextless chat log