At a loss for words

Maybe he was saying it to someone who left the group right before you joined.

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it sounds like you’re trying to use a misogynist insult against someone. boy it sure is fascinating when men openly disparage women

Isn’t boike a south african slur? I have no idea, I only heard it in the movie District 9. But he might have misunderstood your name.

EDIT: looked it up, “boykie” is indeed slang there, but not supposed to be a slur.

thats what i got…im not sure how he is racist for that maybe religious…but i guess ppl see them as the same now days who knows.

Azrael (/ˈæzriəl/; Biblical Hebrew: עֲזַרְאֵל‎‎ ʿázarʾēl) is the Angel of Death in Islam and some Jewish traditions. The Hebrew name translates to “Angel of God”, “Help from God”.

how did he do that ?he simply said a word just cause u or who ever im not gonna assume. twist its context or get offended dosnt mean he disparage women dose it?

alright gamers

can’t believe we have to have this conversation but the word he’s referencing is specifically a misogynist slur against women

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I think that article might actually go against your argument (a little) regarding the c-word but it was a fascinating and well written article nonetheless. Thanks for posting that.

there’s some contention and ideas whether it should be reclaimed by women but ultimately it comes down to men not using slurs

Let’s talk about the game and not each other. Read the rules everyone.

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The link I clicked on originally was about Samantha Bee using the c-word so my above comment no longer makes sense. Too bad it was a very well written article.

If you were to follow any of these virtue signalling “people” online, it wouldn’t be too long until you caught them doing something far worse than what they’re accusing you for being racist, sexist or whatever…

In my experience when dealing with these people, it’s best to just ignore them and keep doing what you do… don’t let some douche, that thinks they’re some paragon of morality, try to shut you down.

Ignoring them doesn’t solve the problem. These people later get in media and government where they start preaching their idealogies to masses. Look for what Sernie Banders or AOC are telling to people in USA

I just said above let’s not talk about each other.

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You shouldn’t use those words because they are deragatory and insulting. Being mysogonistix is just an added foul.

This isn’t a “liberal” thing ,it’s a human thing, @mrfedia3000 use the golden rule: “just be cool man”.

Also, what Derch said.

There’re plenty of insulting words in any language, just because some of them are associated with a gender, sexuality, ethnicity or anything else doesn’t make them much different. Insulting words serve a purpose and they should exist. Do you want to live in a society where you can’t insult people? I certainly do not.

As for gendered insults, they don’t insult the gender, they tell what gender the insulted person is. Compare the sentences “This bitch came to me” and “This assh0le came to me”. They tell a different story. Unfortunately we don’t have many gender neutral insults, something for lgbts to work at I guess.

So now that using words like bitch or slut is considered misogynistic, what do you call people who actually discriminate women and believe them to be inferior creatures? The meaning of the word is so watered down you can’t really use it anymore to mean the actual bad people, great job.

It is a liberal thing to enforce a certain worldview to people and to dictate what words people can use and what these words mean.

I wonder what words I cannot use if I want to be a morally good progressive person?
-Can’t use bitch/slut/c___/… as it discriminates against women or something
-Can’t even pronounce the must-not-be-named n-word, let alone call someone one
-Can’t use he/him, she/her, guy, girl, man, dude, woman to refer to people I don’t know as it can offend “them”
-Can’t call midgets midgets
-Can’t call crippled people cripples
-Can’t ask what disabilities disabled people have

Don’t worry, I’m always cool.

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Just saying, there ways to communicate without all those words. That’s all.

Point is, I agree but I disagree, and I agree to disagree so long as we agree about the things we disagree on.

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no i wasn’t at a loss for words my work shift ended an i didnt feel the need to carry this convo over into my home life…cause i feel as tho it is pointless just cause u or anyone for that matter have a strong opinion of something or a word whatever dont give u the right to police ppl that say that word and just cause we use a word dont mean that we hate woman i love my soon to be wife…i also have a dughter who i love …but that being said i use a lot of them words on that feminisum link u sheared as well an i can tell u that even in america places are compleatly diffrent ive lived on the east coast,in the west, an right in the center or heart of america outside of a small # of ppl no one cares about stuff like that the reason its so previlent in the first place is cause the ones that do care are the loudest…with that being said i do respectfully have a ? for you…why do u care ? i mean really dose the word bother u that bad ? or is it cause of your view of how u think things should be? cause honestly both are subjective what u see as offensive to woman most ppl just see as a word…cause in real life policing ppls words dont pay my bills so why would i care what some one says. we can get along fine but when we start pushing our thoughts an beliefs and opinions on other ppl thats when ppl start to but heads cause not everyone will roll over an submit…just food for thought… have a blessed day.

My guess is, dude was talking about/to a previous player that had just left or was kicked from the session.

Since no one is talking about the topic from the OP and there is really nothing to add to that anyways I am closing this thread.

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