At OP8, What is the difficulty of Attack on Dragon Keep DLC compared to the base game?

I am asking about this because I just recently came back to Borderlands after an extended break about a week or so ago. I had already completed the Badass Crater and Captain Scarlet DLCs before I took a break and was starting on Tiny Tina’s DLC and my god that seems SO much harder than I remember the others being at OP8.

Is the Tiny Tina DLC just that much harder than the rest at Op8 or am I just that rusty about it now?

I am playing as Maya just incase anyone asks.

Yes, it is a little harder than the others. Enemies are more aggressive, stronger and harder to kill, and some of the enemy mechanics are ridiculously annoying. You got enemies that won’t stay dead unless you interact with their corpse, archers with flawless aim and absurd fire rate, mages that only stay visible for a fraction of a second (and also shock you), enemies with elemental attacks that have a gigantic area of effect, enemies who are practically immune to everything but melee attacks, enemies that send their tiny heads flying about to attack when you think you killed them and lots of armored enemies that just hit really friggin’ hard. A lot of them too. Just wave after wave of different types of enemies attacking you all at the same time. Also, labyrinthine maps and traps everywhere. It can get pretty ridiculous.

Still, I love the damn thing. There’s a reason a lot of people say it’s their favorite DLC. It can get difficult and annoying from time to time, but it’s never boring, that’s for sure. It’s as much fun as it is difficult. The story and character work are amazing, and it’s so damn pretty to look at and listen to. If you can get around the annoying and unfairly difficult bits, there’s a lot of good stuff in it.


Yeah, went with extreme health gating for some of it with those things.

An Op8 fire bitch with bone of the ancient on the Dukes in the forest end up taking 15+ clips when you racking up criticals. Has you wondering if you have something wrong on your stuff.

I think the sections laden with Skeletons are what leave a bad taste in people’s mouth about that DLC’s difficulty. Pick your favorite:

  • Diminished opportunity for critical shots (technically the remaining neck stump is a crit spot, but good freakin’ luck hitting that reliably)
  • Element matching doesn’t work (red health bar, but they resist fire)
  • Completely bulletproof shields (not all of them carry these, and there are ways around them)
  • FFYL-proof Skeletaurs (bleeding out with a dead Skeletaur in front of you tends to put a little salt in that wound)
  • Skeleton Mages turning invisible long enough to a) shrug off slag, b) restore a fair amount of health, and c) hit pretty freakin’ hard if you eat both barrels (a regular winner of “what’s your most hated enemy” polls).

Don’t let that scare you off though - Maya is a rock star at crowd control, and that DLC is a masterpiece. Non-Skeleton flesh and armored enemies eat their respective elements fine, so that’s not too much of an issue. For Skeletons, get your hands on some good shock weapons (you’ll want something with splash to take the edge off) and explosive (especially for shock-imbued Skeletons), and Maya should be fine. Got a Twister? There are only a couple of instances where I’d recommend a gut check before heading there, and they’re both maps that catch you off guard: The Lair of Infinite Agony - when you first run through that map and can’t find your way out, and the enemy hordes are wearing you down at every turn… not for the squeamish (in a good way; I love that map now, but at first… dayum). Also, the Ghost King fight is not for the skittish, and stepping in there without proper armaments can be brutal.

You got this.


I know I got it, I am at the forest now and beat it before, this is my first Op8 run of it though. Reset my entire playthrough and set it to Op8. So far I had finished The Badass Crater, Captain Scarlet, and Mercenary Day (Farmed that train for a day or 2 for Op8 gear). Saving the actual main story for last so the map isn’t as overloaded to fast travel spots.

Been out of it long enough that I wasn’t sure if this place was really this much harder than the rest at Op8 or I had just gotten that rusty. Couldn’t touch the game much all summer due to kids being out of school.

The fire resistant Skeletons threw me for a bit because I had forgotten all about that, but having 3 arches taking me from full health and shields to FFYL with an Op 8 shield in like 3 hits really had me on my toes. Then having those huge Dukes in the Forest whom you can’t actually hold in a phaselock but can slag them and you eating them up with clip after clip and it was harder than taking on some raid bosses with the level of damage he could eat.

But so long as you can avoid DoTs, the extreme health gating makes it a million times more tolerable for that first section, hopefully can switch to my normal gear further in.

As it stands, have about 4,800 health with +11,000 regen from the Legendary Nurse mod and 1 point in life tap so I can actually survive a lot so long as I can dodge DoTs and exploding crap.

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The Duke in the Forest can be sniped from the clearing. By the time you do significant damage to him the treants should start popping up. Let them fight it out among themselves and just try to whittle the Duke down while they do the hard work. The other Duke in the Mines of Avarice is a bit harder to dodge though…

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That and the Torgue one are awful. Tina’s you have skeleton mages and other terrible enemies, plus some of the worst boss/mini-bosses, Torgue DLC you have Ultimate BA’s dual wielding Maliwan snipers and aimbots with elemental guns everywhere.

I’d put it up there with running Sawtooth for a couple hours straight. lol (in terms of awfulness)

Yeah, but you can cheese him a couple of different ways. After that, you’re fine as long as you don’t run out of ammo (but at OP8, OP should already have max ammo.)

I would prefer if the skeletons behave similar to Loaders like they are vulnerable to corrosive damage, having options to shoot off their limbs to limit their mobility and attacks.

I enjoy the Dragon Keep DLC but the only complaints I have with it are the overabundance of skeletons, the Forest being linear, the dragons’ design are quite dull for my taste and the Handsome Dragon boss battle being poorly designed; which is quite underwhelming, and the traps in Murdelin’s Temple are annoying as hell.

I hope Gearbox make another Bunkers & Badasses DLC for the future Borderlands installment that rectify the flaws in the Dragon Keep DLC and offering more enjoyable experience.

Better: Kill Orcs in the clearing, Walk over behind the 2 huts closest to the Duke, Spam Sticky Homing Bonus Package. Then, lure him to follow you up into the blood pool. He will stand at the entrance and you can duck behind a root and slag/snipe him in the face.

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Sometimes I kite him up to the blood pool, but he manages to follow me in there, so I go to the back to spawn that Treant, and let them slug it out. I’ll usually help the Treant by slagging the Duke, but once I get bored (that’s a long fight), I’ll lay fire into the Duke. If the Treant dies, there’s a second one ready to go, too.

It took a fair amount of practice for me to become adept enough to slug it out toe-to-toe with a Duke (and by that, I mean not taking advantage of geometry or other issues to give me an unfair advantage. My first few encounters were… expensive, but now I look forward to the occasional scrap with a Duke.

2 words: 4 Kings boss fight.
Okay, that was 4 words. It is a pain in 72, never finished the DLC on OP8 personally.

The enemy design makes it my personal least favorite. Then again, I love Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage so…