At the start of a match

I’m quite confident the start of a match is the hardest part, especially with characters that reallly need some upgades before being able to enforce their roles in the team. Like, obviously, Phoebe.

Earlier today I found myself in a Meltdown match where I just couldn’t find any “safe” ways to do… Well, anything. I was there, level 1 when everyone and their mommas was fighting around and leveling, feeling like a civilian stuck in a crossfire. The Alani that elected to go to the same lane as I was completely ignoring me, while a Ghalt, Caldarius and Whiskey were shooting at her and the minions all alike while staying together enough to have each others backs.

It was even worse than being alone on a lane at level 1, where even the minions can make short work of you :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to come out of hiding only to be introduced to Ghalt’s little friend, I tried switching lane to Kelvin/Miko who were clearing way faster than I could while their opponents were staying in relative safety.
In short, I couldn’t find a damn thing to do, an opening somewhere, or even make shards fast enough to build things.

Fortunately, later, I could “kill steal” a few opponents and suddenly became the highest level of the match, from level 1 to almost 4 in a few strikes. But man, that start though, where you feel so helpless and would rather avoid feeding the ennemy team.

So how do you guys manage a hard start like this, when you can’t find an opening, are stuck in a crossfire, or get no help to clear minions since Phoebe is clearly not a capable clearer at early levels ?

I’ve had this happen. It’s usually a big gamble to take a point solo in capture but I almost always try anyway. My general strategy is to stay as mobile as possible at point blank and use true strike constantly, but at level 1 she just has a LOT of bad matches. Sticking with someone, even if you don’t know them is kinda the only way to avoid this from what I have seen. Alternatively you can try playing her as a true assassin and flanking people from behind, preferably during a team fight to add confusion and scare them off if not killing them outright.

If all else fails try to true strike some minions before they get killed. Closest thing to an AOE without blowing phasegate, and assist experience is better than nothing.