At times do you even care about Optional Objectives?

Nothing p*sses me off more then screwing up an Optional Objective. However at times I tend to say…ah I don’t even care anymore. It messes with my OCD so much when do this, however it passes after a couple more hours.

Flints Missions really messes with me, getting all those headshots is sooo hard to do (much so if I’m doing a Gaige playthrough.)

I know once you get to TVHM or higher people tend to really not care about those Optional Objectives, they don’t do much but stroke you’re ego and give you a bit more money.

So when I speak about Optional Objectives, I’m speaking about the first time you played the game or even a first time playthrough with a new level 1 character.

My OCD will be the death of me, however I am trying to control it. Back in the day I used to delete a high level character just cause I screwed up one! Optional Objective. (that’s crazy I know.) Like I said I am trying to control it, telling myself it’s not the end of the world for screwing up one of them knowing full well I’ll probably won’t even care once I reach TVHM or higher.

The only ones I flat out ignore are the ones for killing enemies with critical hits during the circles of slaughter. Too much chaos going on around me and I really don’t wanna risk dying just to get a critical hit, although sometimes I complete them without even noticing. You should always be aiming for crits anyway, specially at higher levels. I always try to complete all of the other ones (even in UVHM), but if I mess up on any of them, I just go “meh” and go on with the game. They’re just a little bonus challenge during the missions, nothing to get worked up about. They’re supposed to be fun, so if you’re not having fun going for them or if you’re getting killed trying to complete them, just ignore them. All they’re useful for is a little extra money/xp (something that becomes completely irrelevant at higher levels) and to complete the “Compl33tionist” challenge for a minimal amount of badass points. Believe me, I know how hard it is for a completionist to miss one or two of them, but it really isn’t a big deal.

True words spoken lol, I was young little completionist. Now I’m an old completionist but this time I----slightly have control of myself :wink: It’s annoying but I am able to go “meh” if I don’t finish a challenge. This is like my something + time playing the game again, yet I still get slightly “bothered” by screwing up the challange >,<

I suppose you can take the gamer out of the completionist, but you can’t take the completionist out of the gamer. (Wait did I say that right or backwards?..meh hope you understand what I mean’t anyway :slight_smile: )

I like to have a go at completing each one at least once, but after that, I only pursue them if they’re enjoyable.

I know exactly what you mean. I used to care about the optional objectives a lot more during my first playthrough, but after you’ve done those missions 2 or 3 times in different playthroughs and have already prestiged at least once, you kinda forget they’re even there. However there are other aspects of the game that still bring out the nutso completionist in me… Like collecting skins and doing area challenges. The skins in particular are the bane of my existence in the game. I won’t rest until I get every single customization for my characters and every single vehicle skin in the game, and you’re probably aware of how frustrating and time consuming that can be. I’ve been playing this game for two years now and I still haven’t completed that task. Those numbers at the bottom of the customization stations, like “xx/69” and “xx/103”, just seem to laugh in my face.

Lol those are the main ones I pay attention to, if I don’t get them I feel I failed the round.

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I never go out of my way for them. The lack of a proper reward really doesn’t make me interested in pursuing them. The BAR’s not worth it and there are less time consuming challenges rewarding the same and more over time.

I will on a new character to get the Badass Ranks and then never think about them again.

A lot of them I do out of habit (collect porn for Scooter), others are really easy (talk to these people) and others just happen (kill midgets). They all add up during a normal playthrough. I don’t stress about them in any way though.

I used to do all of them, but like BlackHeartV said, it’s not worth it for the BAR especially since you need 200 for the level 5 challenge, I pretty much do the easy ones and skip the rest.

it matters to me when trying to BAR prestige, and running first character playthroughs.