At what level should I begin UVHM?

Someone told me that UVHM scales to whatever level you start it with… Is this true? If not, what level is UVHM scaled to and what level would be best to start it with to avoid overlevelling and for the best gameplay?

Once you beat TVHM you should be around lvl 50. You can start UVHM immediately and all enemies will be at your level. UVHM scales to a player with a highest level in party, so if you play solo enemies will be always at your level (no matter if you are 50, 60, 70 etc). Some enemies like Rabids, Badasses may be 2 levels above you.
I think the best way to start UVHM is at lvl 50 with some good weapons and equipment at that level.

Level 50 is considered ideal as then you can start UVHM with on level gear. A lot of people run into problems because they try to do everything in TVHM and only enter UVHM at level 53-55. However gear in TVHM caps out at level 50.

If you’re going to tackle UVHM, this covers the basics: