Athena andAurelia heads and skins

Dear Vault Hunters
My gamertag is Nicowonder (play on xbox 360) and i recently fell victim to an unknown error that made me lose all my cosmetics with Athena and Aurelia, so after hours of farming bosses, i’m a little tired and want to see if anyone is willing to trade some of what i lost. I’m still missing Athena’s champion of eleseer, tech ninja, born to kill and guard of the trickster; and Aurelia’s vacation souvenir, Pith posh and masque of the trickster. Also i lost a lot of farmeable skins (from bosses and others), so have it in your heart to help me because Gearbox will only help me with the event heads and skins (can’t help me with game drops)
Thanks in Advance

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I just got the tech ninja for Athena, but i’m still willing to trade the rest. Also looking for Iwajira’s amber ninja for Athena. I can trade the rewards from the tales from the borderlands and other cool stuff too! :smiley: