Athena at level 70: What are you adding to your build?

So 10 more points for our fierce Gladiator. What are you adding to your build? Offense? Defense? Support? Versatility?

I’m opting for Stalwart and Superconductor for my elemental Athena. A bit more health for tanking purposes with the added bonus of some friendly fire Aspis charging, in addition to some passive stacking action from Superconductor on top of an already fast stacking build.

Honestly at this point I am wondering if I will play to 70. I will definitely do the Clappy DLC and love every second of it, but I’m already totally OP now and don’t need more skillpoints.

I think I’m going to try something like this:-


Which class mod? Dominator?

Yep. Crimson Dominator.

Fixed it.

Great choice. I think that’s been my favorite while running Xiphos.

If only Tear and O-S weren’t unspec’d by vehicles. I sent a bug report about this a month or two ago, so hopefully it’s in the next patch. @joekgbx any word on this?

But yeah, it is great for bosses and badasses to have 70% multiplicative damage… Or toss them off a cliff with Bloodrush :smiling_imp:

That is such an odd bug and a good reminder never to use the vehicle for any reason outside of the initial jumps.

Just grab every skill, why not. Level 70 shouldn’t be happening

No love for Overload or Return Fire?

No news as of yet, but I’m keeping my ear to the ground for you guys.


I’m getting Return Fire :slight_smile:

I may end up with Overload over Superconductor.

I’ll just fill out those few skills that I like but don’t have enough points to max them all out. I’m currently pretty thick in the third tree, so I’ll probably put these into something fun in the first.

It’s hard to say, I think the builds are going to look all the same. Dunno


I use a purple Swift Femme Fatale COM, and a System Purge OZ kit. Shock torrent+Hellfire = Holy Cow dps

I think the diversity now is going to be the gear. Guns, Shields and Oz Kits are going to make the builds unique.
Talking about it, I need to improve my spadroon build now.

To me, having a unique build isn’t the be all and end all. Even with the same build as someone else it’s likely I’ll still play it my own way, plus as others have already said; different gear for the most part I expect.

Agreed. There are some classes where I like to put a lot of points into one skill tree. “Jack”'s middle skill tree for example. Some players will grab each capstone, but I think these trees are interesting enough to consider not doing that. Depending on the class of course.

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