Athena at level 70: What are you adding to your build?

I think there will still be enough diversity. Some people will go 3 capstones. I probably wont cuz while you can you give up some cool skill.

Wilhelm for instance my build will still have no capstone.

My Jack (which follows Dirchs Comrade Jack build) will have just 1. Although i did look and see with jack he could easily be OP with all 3.

Athena i think will be pushed into 2 types now. A maelstrom back by Phalenx (left and right tree i think?) or a hybrid Xphos (middle?) for melee builds.

Nisha is gonna be ridiculous though. I think it was Chuck who said either pistol build or no pistol build. After playin with her skill tree…yea thats kinda accurate. And Maybe MAYBE a melee build.

Clappie is still pretty diverse i think.

And aurelia was limited to begin. It was Sniper, master servant nonsense or Sjim did make a very cool solo no snipe. And thats kinda it.

I think what the 10 extra points will do is allow people to pick the other skills they personally like that everyone nitpicks.


the entire ceraunic storm tree, and then wrath of the godess.

Haha I was seriously tempted to do the same and have some fun stacking with either blue Storm or Hologram.

This will likely be mine:,auto

Same basic build I’m running now, with almost all new points in CS. I’m assuming a level 60 Celestial Gladiator mod will be sufficient for level 70 until I can find or grind a new one.

If I do go to 70, I’ll probably go:

but really a subset of that build facerolls everything at 60 already. Maybe instead I’ll level without using the extra skillpoints and simulate OP levels.

Still, would be nice to never have to respec. Abstract “build diversity” ideals are useless, except for maybe a few good laughs at the beardy chumps who whine about it; the real point is to just have fun.



@Stoopicus Fun for some is actually coming up with unique builds that require a divergence from conventional gameplay. No beard required.

I actually do have a beard though.

It seems quite common with the maths maticians. Every math teacher I had, sported a beard.

Bah. Zer0 only got better at 72 when I basically never had to respec again. Athena will be the same :slight_smile:

Unless you are using the Hail/Vibra Pulse, you would be better off with Clear! than Invictus. The damage buff in FFYL is great, but Moxxi guns nullify it.

OT: I’m going to use this build, pretty much just my level 60 build with extra glitter thrown on.


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Seems like a silly question to me. Almost all the Athena’s are going to be homogeneous at level 70.

My old build with Shackles and Unrelenting added.,auto

Remaining points filled out Gun Kata and Conduit. Not sure if Shackles or the extra points in Conduit will be worth it, might try Elemental Barrage if they aren’t.

If I do actually continue to 70, looking at something like this, up from 7/5 in Gun Kata, and the rest of the points for the mobility and bit of extra damage.

Don’t really need anything from the other trees, and 2nd doesnt fit how I play Athena.
Bomber OZ for maximum Stormfront spam, and an IVF and Min Min for even more throwing of lightning, and increased damage for the throw from the kit.

This, Thunderfire, Spadroon, Quasar and Hologram problably

Probably a dumb question but what’s a good melee build for Athena at level 70, as well as some essential gear?

Check out Blue Steel

My Athena character (my main in TPS) is only 50 since I haven’t installed Holodome and Clappy’s voyage yet so nothing yet in the storm tree (my current lvl 50 build that I love playing is Phalanx/Xyphos with the 2 capstones), but I’m considering this lvl 70 build since I read the Zeus’s rage skill description and this way it’ll make me use the 2 skills I wasn’t using with the Celestial com :blush: !

Currently at 50 I’m using 3DD1.E but I’m considering trying the lvl 70 build when I get to it by swapping to a lvl 70 Systems Purge instead.

Edit : hopefully I can make it work by swapping between Marek’s mouth and Frostfire.

Edit 2 : Oh yeah I forgot, i’ll be trying to make a theme also by only using non-orange red-texts (well except the com : sue me…), so for shield if it works well I’d use Sunshine or Rapid-Release, and if it doesn’t I’ll stick to the one I currently use at 50 : Haymaker. And then for 2 other weapon slots, maybe Volt-Thrower (or shock Fremington’s Edge) and Shock Ol’Rosie.

Edit 3 : And Shock Kiss of death… Now the build is complete, made it up as I went along, now just need a name for the build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !

My Athena is currently lvl 61 however my build for her at 70 is as folllows:

My weapons right now at lvl 61 are Shock Fast Talker, Shock Practicable Thinking, Casual Flakker(Shield Bypass Luneshine), Shock Mongol.

My gear at 61 is Grounded Black Hole, Longbow Quasar, 3DD1.E, Celestial Gladiator COM.

When I hit 70 I am going to be using for weapons Thunderfire, Fridgia, Flakker and probably a Mongol or Badaboom.

What I will be using for my gear will be Grounded Black Hole, 3DD1.E, Shock Meganade and either a Celestial Gladiator COM or blue rarity Rainbow Hologram with 6 Superconductor and 5 Overload.