Athena: Blademaster vs Bloodthirster

First time on here after lurking for an age so here goes; i have alot of experience with melee builds across BL and BL2 but i have no clue which one of the 2 melee class mods would suit me better for TPS. any advice?

From what I’ve read (no personal experience, so take this with a grain of salt) Bloodthirster is better for mobbing and Blademaster for bosses, since the melee damage from BM on mobs is usually overkill, and the OS bonus works with guns making it better for hybrid styles with guns and killing trash mobs.

can kinda see that. im hesitant to give bloodthirstier a try because as much as the regen stacks well with bloodlust and vanguard the extra melee dam that bladmaster provides is really needed in UVH.

All of it is additive though. OS multiplicative bonus is more potent, and since it works with guns, will give you some more leeway. Granted, its not like you’ll be gimping yourself either way. Both work pretty well. Just use whichever COM you can get while leveling, and then you should know which one you like better by the time you’re max level.

lvl 55 right now and honestly they both seem equally dissapointing, just in different ways

Bloodthister for a freeze n rush playstyle. Omega-Senshu acts like Killing Blow, giving a lot more damage than either Gun-Kata and Clarity of Purpose.
I just wish that Bloodthister had GK instead of CoP.

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i think ive kinda found the trick. take MORQ or Reogenator as they have high max health increase which aids bloodlust because it heals based on max health. take stalwart if you think its necessary for further improvement. then take an acrobat OZ and Vicious Blademaster. i have been thinking about the deal with roid shields and/or a jugganught OZ but its just too impractical and a bit of a pain in my opinion.

Try the Haymaker instead, it is the biggest boost to max health if I remember correctly and the gimmicks synergyzes with melee.
The only Roid shield I could think about is the Avalanche for the cryo utility. Athena isnt a melee like Zer0, she is a gladiator - she survives while cutting through things.

Also, I would use the Bloodthister over the Blademaster. It’s just a lot better in my opinion.

The Reo has more pure health but the Haymaker has more total effective health,as in health+Shield. Iirc the Reo has more health but like no cap

The Haymaker has more health and more shield than the Reo. Just fyl

Lvl 70 I promise. I just don’t own the DLC on pc, so you can’t see the level.

Oh then those Reo advocators on my other TGs were just stupid…misinformed.

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with one of these shields your health bar would be near unbreakable thanks to the greater amount of health regen from bloodlust and bloodthirster plus stalwart and vanguard, although i must wonder if the inbuilt health regen effect of the reo negates the slightly lower max health of the haymaker, and without throwing nades at myself regularly i reckon the status passing effect of the haymaker is redundant, kinda why i dont bother with prismatic aegis either. and i can mow down things freeze and rush style without the extra OS points bloodthirster gives. just kinda a shame that point per point wise a purple grade blademaster will be better than a same grade and lvl bloodthirster overall as the points it would give to Fury of the Arena kinda let it down.

i have wondered if You’ve Got Red on You has something its not showing me like being stupid good against frozen targets or for some domino effect frozen scav exploding. i find it hard to belive a top tier skill is totaly without use

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It doesn’t make the Reo worth

Just wanted to add that after grinding Athena to level 70 (finally), I managed to make it all the way through the main campaign with a purple Bloodthirster com with +5 to Omega Senshu.

It was super good fun. The main weapon was a bladed fridgida. The rest was Purple Adaptive / Shooting Star + Snowball / Longbow Cryo Transfusion.

There were a mix of other weapons in there too, but those were the stars. All the life steal was nice and It helped quite a bit to be able to chain kill enemies without being downed between mele strikes.

Athena has grown on me since level 70 cap. Might flail around a bit more with a few more missions and find out all the fun I was missing. :grin:

If you have the means of doing so. I would love to see you in action on behalf of the TG. (I’m really bad at not krieg melee characters, but I did have a bunch of fun with a Sublime Snider and a Moonlight Saga in Vorago Solitude and some of the Harder Vacuum Locations.).

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Ah and the Moonlight Saga. Almost forgot about that one. All sparkley lights :sparkles: