Athena doesn't let UBA's get away. LOL

I recently discovered how to transfer DVR captures from my xbone to YouTube. I am very new at this. its a blast to toy around with. but here is a quick clip of me mobbing my way to Bosun. I had recently discovered the Deputy Build for Athena by watching @Derch youtube footage. The build is inspired by @Chuck80 Sal Deputy Build. Very fun build to play with. thank you gentlemen.


At work now ill watch later

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Ok, stupid question. Can you stream videos to Twitch without a Kinect? As I haven’t got a Kinect cos it was cheaper to buy the One without it.

Awesome video by the way man!

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I don’t think you need a Kinect to do so. I don’t have a kinect. :wink:

Thank you. I really appreciate it. :blush:

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I love how the flayer just seems to gib everything regardless of which character you use. Even Wilhelm gibs UBAs with the flayer :laughing:. Who needs torgue weapons when you got the flayer?

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Awesome, I want to start doing it myself! Borderlands, Battlefield, etc. etc.

No problem! I always enjoy these type of videos!

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Just watched it, beautiful. It also drives me nuts that the AI of ULTIMATE BADASS ENEMIES is to run away