Athena - Handicap run - Melee UVHM

New Handicap playthorugh for Borderlands The PreSequel

  • I only be using Moxxi’s Lazer to get a 2nd wind when I go down and against bosses…But my main combo will be Melee ofcourse even against bosses…Athena is a mixture of Krieg and Zero (Melee-based) so its really hard to use her as pure melee character against bosses (atleast from my experience)…Its probably possible to go with No-Weapons at all but it will be boring and daunting and Iam gonna go down ALOT…so with is its more fair, but STILL very challenging.

  • Iam not gonna use the evisceration probe because its simply TOO easy…diminishing the purpose of a challenging run.

  • Avalanche Shield: A MUST…the best Melee shield in the game (from my experience)… this run depends heavily on it loool

  • Purple Melee classmode: it doesn’t matter what color its…I just picked what was in front of me…I wont be using the Celestial classmode because of its property to recharge my shield every time I activate my action skill…its a bummer thou, my actions skill’s duration and cooldown will suffer greatly

  • white Oz-kit: any Oz-kit will do…

Hopefully I can complete it…wish me luck and stay tuned :slight_smile:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Boss fight:
Phew…one of my worries is washed away…now the weight of my worries has lessened a little bit…
It was tough because he’s jumping non-stop and with the low gravity that make my movement slower than slowmotion…is just very frustrating to catch him while dealing with his minions…BUT I succeeded in the end :slight_smile:


Episode 3:

Welcome to Sactua…oh sorry I mean…Welcome to Concordia…

“I love rules they make me powerful”…claptrap

The 2nd half of this video is kinda boring, just going through Concordia and doing what Moxxi ordered me to do lol :wink:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Episode 4:

Pretty entertaining episode…full of action.

  • Proof that Athena is a BADASS even the Ultimate badass Mugger which considered the hardest and most dangerous humanoid badass in the game SHIVERs before her :smiley: 22:05

RED & BELLY !!! what an intense fight !!!
Pretty hard I have to admit, but I did it until a minion killed me afterward lol…oh well i killed the boss so its alright :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Sorry for the many replies…I just recreated my post from the old forum…I’ll continue posting here whenever I do new episode in this series

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Episode 5:

“Violence is best served cold”…Athena

  • Gave the Meriff a lesson
  • Met Davis Pickle
  • On our way to the Bosun

Tough encounters in the last half of this episode…especially those Armored Scaves…annoying as hell.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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