Athena skill tree setup

i’ve been watching a lot of reviews on athena revolving around her skill trees and have been stuck on the phalanx and xiphos skill trees, i was thinking of maxing the xiphos tree then puting my remaining points into phalanx. any skills in the 2 tress that i wont need? feel free to post your athena tree set ups

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Phalanx doesn’t really have any weakness but Xiphos does, specifically, avoid You’ve Got Red on You and Fury of the Arena. All the rest are in play depending on what you like.

I run with a full Phalanx-Ceuranic Storm build but if I was going into Xiphos I would have to advocate @Sljm’s Battery or Blue Steel because they are so versatile and super tanky.

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There are some info you still need to give, like how many skill points do you have at the moment?

As for skill points to avoid, it also depends largely on your playstyle.

For example, if you’re using melee to debuff large enemies, bloodlust (healing) is actually pretty useful. If you’re using melee for mobbing, it will legit never proc because you’ll one shot them most of the time.

Some general tips: Invictus, Stalwart, Return Fire, and You’ve Got Red on You aren’t as good as the other skills.

Athena’s skills are very much all pretty strong, but those are the ones I’d avoid.

As for my spec, I really, really enjoy Phalanx+CS focused build - I use one called “Deputy Athena”, focused on shotgunning. Check out that build: [Build] Deputy Athena: a Tribute to Chuck80

The base skill tree looks like this:,auto

You can spec further into xiphos in order to gain access to blood rush.

CS Athena is really a safer and helluva lot tankier way to play, not to mention it is better for boss melting.

Don’t believe me? Just watch me melt EOS in 3:30 - Athena vs Eclipse & EOS, in 3 minutes 30 seconds

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