Athena the Gladiator Resource Guide

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I will gladly be adding all the useful threads and guides this wonderful community comes up for Athena. Also if any of your wonderful individuals want to create some banners I will gladly post them. This for a bit will contain links from both the old and the new forums and hopefully everything will get moved over here quickly.

Skill Tree Builder
The default skill tree we use to show our builds
Skill Discussion (Pre-Release) closed - by Black Heart
A thread about everyones first responses to Athena’s skill tree pre release, it is now closed that the game is out
[DDD Guide] Athena skills guide (WIP) - by Derch
A guide going over each skill, what it does, and how valuable it is
Ceraunic Storm Abilities Analysis - by Arsonist
A guide to the Ceraunic Storm skill tree, what you should take, skip, and how to build an elemental Athena

Athena Gun Damage formula - by Derch
As the title says the Gun Damage formula so you know how all the skills add up
The Aspis Master Thread- by Derch
This is a thread about on how everything adds up to increase the damage of the Aspis
as well as how it works, what it can absorb, and tips and tricks for making the most of your Aspis.

Top Gear for Athena - by BookemDamo and Hoyle4
A list and discussion of all the best gear for Athena, including parts, and where to find them.
Athena’s Class Mods - by Dank Rafft
A listing and discussion of all of Athena’s com’s including pictures and stats.

Game Breaking Build - Celestial Bombardier - by Vizjun
A guide to Tediore tossing with Athena
Powerleveling using Athena - by dp_DBD
As the title says a guide on how to level fast with Athena
The Perfect Storm- A Maelstrom Stacking Method - by BookEmDano the artist formally knows as dp_DBD
The purpose of this topic is to explain a method for generating high stacks of Maelstrom primarily using Hyperion elemental shotguns.

Melee Damage Formula - by MightyCrawfish the Invincible aka Captain Hindsight
A breakdown of Athena’s melee formula, skills, gear, and elements and how to max out your melee damage
Melee Athena Nation - by Anxidel72
A pre release thread moving into post release all things melee
Athena Melee Spectrum - by Sljm
A guide to the different melee playstyles of Athena

Customization: Head and Skin Database for Athena - by Mirrrorada
All of Athena’s heads and skins as well as where to find them
Just realized what Athena’s tattoo is - by Gh0st Ninja
Athena : The Timeline - by shoogli
A history of all things Athena, a must read for every fan.


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