Athena The Gladiator vs. “OP 9” Denial Subroutine

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Athena is so badass that she can solo take on “OP 9” Denial Subroutine, which has to be the toughest enemy in the game, even tougher than the lvl 9 arena Sh4dow-TP. The explanation to the glitch can be found either in the description of the video on YouTube or here:

(Darreltan2004) #2

Yeah ‘OP9’ Denial isn’t actually a real challenge for Athena. Use a Badaboom to kill the tentacles for the first phase - it will make it alot easier.
Doing it at 4 player difficulty + lvl 9 is where it gets quite tricky. I remember needing 2 killskill durations to deal with the first phase. Second phase onwards was straightforward cos the presence of lots of small enemies to proc killskills.

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Will definetely try! Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

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Pretty cool, I didn’t know the scaling carries over to other bosses. :slight_smile: