Athena vs Eclipse & EOS 38.5 seconds

100% legitimate kill.

38.5 seconds

Well that record lasted a long time. :sweat_smile:

Shoutout to @BlackHeartV. Whether she meant this or not, she inspired this kill.

Even faster than prestacked “I Never Miss” Aurelia!!!

Well that was a pretty good run 9/10/15 - 2/23/19

Old 2:33 kill with Developments

If anyone wants me to go in depth on the kill, or if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

This is my first post on the forums but I’ve been around since Digi-peak times. So I hope its up to par.

The Invincible Sentinel kill 2:21


Impressive sir, excellent use of the Redundant T4s-R there to lock your stacks in. @itsmejamesaj has a lotta work to do to beat that, as far as I know thats the new WR on any character.

Thanks it took a lot of attempts and some different skill build/gear combos to minimize the amount of RNG based factors to achieve this kill.

If you take a look at the previous record, your time was probably the result of
a) Not Using the Thinking at all and instead resorting on the Development for your primary Maelstrom tool
b) Using the corrosive Badaboom as opposed to the Flakker as your Eclipse closer
c) Flash freeze abuse with the Redundant T4s-R, comparing the two directly you manage to lock a constant 700 between EoS phases while AJ drops to 3-400 depending on his luck with the mobs.

Regardless. your play was impressive, I invite you to stop by the Top Gear thread and lend your opinion over there, as you’re clearly one of the best Athena players we got.


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Delayed response but that was absolutely incredible.
Especially the use of Flash Freeze to keep the stacks up got me.

Crazy Developments though, being the exact same only with old and new Hyperion materials.

Thanks for the invite. I’ve been reading that thread since you and @BookEmDano took it over. But I tend to be a bit biased and only think of gear that fits the play styles I like, so that’s why I haven’t suggested anything so far. But if I think of anything that really needs to be on there I’ll be sure to post it in the future.

Yeah I did that so I could easily tell which Development was in which slot since they’re both shock. So a really cool tactic thanks to 2k Australia’s oversight :slight_smile:

@khimerakiller You, sir, are a badass of the highest order.

First, you get the absolutely best run of Elemental Barrage against Eclipse to go from 300 to max stacks and then swap to Badaboom. I don’t know how many runs it took you to get that string of luck but to not have to reload a single time using a Development as a stacker is mind blowing to me.

You just made my day with that perfect use of Flash Freeze during transitions. I’ve long been an advocate of the skill and was actually discussing using it with @ItsmeJamesAJ during those EOS transitions. You just mastered it my friend and showed everyone that’s ever called it a crappy skill why it’s ■■■■■■■ incredible for Maelstrom stacking.

I’m extremely happy to see Athena played so well. Congrats!

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Thanks for the complement @BookEmDano.

And you’d be surprised how “relatively” easy it is to use the Development as a stacker with this strategy. Only about 1 in every 4 to 5 runs fail because I had to reload during the Eclipse fight.

And I was originally using your strategy to stack off of the UBA Glitches, but I got fed up with their unwillingness to cooperate when I needed them to. So I resorted to Flash Freeze. And even though I personally don’t like the skill it deserves recognition for it’s near unmatched usefulness in the Eclipse & EOS speed kill.

Now THIS is an impossible-to-beat time!

Awesome kill. This is everything I imagined but couldn’t do.

If anyone wants the deets, the core mechanic of this kill is basically same as mine (he had several improvements such as not using hyperion barrel and better stack management), so you could read up on my thread.

Also, @Hoyle4, you do NOT have to tag me 2 times in a row!

I actually didn’t, dano did one I did one before that post :confused:

Thanks, one of the reasons I even tried this speed kill was because of your thread. A week or two ago I was beginning to get bored with TPS, but the fun of improving upon this speed kill and learning how to record gameplay for the first time was really fun.

And just like you did with @onlyin_kansas, I encourage you or anyone else to try and beat this time(especially with any new tricks I could tryout :wink:).
May the battle continue on.


im done. rip nisha WR. :open_mouth:


You can still strive for Nisha’s WR instead of the over all one. But unless the Lady fist gets released I don’t know if Nisha can beat this one.

I already have the nisha WR, but my goal was the all character WR. as for the lady fist, i don’t think it would matter that much, because crit swapping is illegal. jakobs nisha could come close to this if i got crazy RNG and a slightly less laggy toaster.

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Sorry I misread your post on AJ’s thread, congrats. I haven’t done it lately but the Lady fist kill him pretty fast(1600% crit total on each pistol is no joke, especially with tombstone to crit EOS when he’s uncritable) even without crit swapping. And these aren’t the actual time trails, so I think it’s fine to speed kill with whatever gets you the best time. Minus stuff like flakker swapping or merging with Clap-Trap if that’s still a thing.

And my run would be invalidated based on @DontUse_'s rules on his time trials tread, because I “rocket spammed” Eclipse with the Badaboom. Which I think was a stupid rule and deserved to be reworked some how, like only consuming a max of ~10 rockets per raid boss level speed kill on all characters.

this heavily favors Athena, but whatever. as for the lady fists. a random dropped them in my game and before i chucked them off a cliff i gave them a try. 66% to crit means a 34% chance to not crit. without the crits, its crap damage. and either way, i don’t want to use unobtainables for a speed kill. that just feels wrong somehow. i might make a run with them, but IDK if i can use them or not. (if i can, ricochet fibber, here i come!)

Absolute Advantage can also “abuse” it. And Joltzdud139’s illegitimate run with Nisha killed EOS in only one Mongol mag with crit swapping to a Lady fist. You can look it up b/c I don’t know if I can post it(ignore the luneshine, another 20% crit doesn’t really matter).

And crit swapping was allowed in Borderlands 2, just look at half of Salvador’s speed kills or one of Axton’s Terra kills on the time trials google doc ect…
BL2 Time trials google doc

I didn’t mean to ask you to if that’s what you thought I meant. I only said it was a possible way to rival this time if they released it.

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Eclipse couldn’t find a chance to move. Very impressive kill. Everything is so fluid, it makes the kill look so easy. Athena’s potential is incredible. It is a shame in tps there are only two raid bosses for her to show off her skills.

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