Athena vs Eclipse & EOS 38.5 seconds

I know right. Its really sad that such a powerful character can only go all out on two bosses.

This guy looked liked he’d a been a really fun third contender.


You, @khimerakiller are one of the best Athena players I’ve seen. That is an epic kill! Kudos! It was pretty much flawless. very good work of Athena’s skills. I’d have to say Athena just became the most OP character of the game after witnessing this. That is a lot of controller work you put in. I’d have to say your hands were tired after that run. LOL it’s not easy to keep up those maelstrom stacks. I’m still in awe…


Thanks man.

Yeah the only time I messed up this run was during the second phase of the EOS fight, I was short about 70 Maelstrom stacks at the beginning. And between that and maybe using Tear without Blood Rush on Eclipse is the only way I can think of improving this time. And even then I don’t know if it would work or even really save any time.

And luckily this was one of the first runs of the day so nothing like “Jacobs Cramps” had happened yet. :grinning:


I am watching over and over again the nine seconds long (0:18 - 0:27) Eclipse kill section. It is like a grand finale of a blockbuster movie. So good.

Yeah its pretty mesmerizing, especially when I think back to the first time I watched the fight during Bahroo’s livestream on Youtube. And thinking to myself about the hellish fight that awaited me when I got home from college. And now it has turned into this, an easily sub 3 min fight I use to unwind.

Granted it wasn’t the “best” approach to the fight.

I honestly really want to see a Mongol used for this. It is probably not the most efficient way but with infinite ammo and a ridiculous fire rate at 700 stacks it’d be a sight to see.


I could whip up something special for you if you want. Just give me the details and understand I don’t have the best PC.

I would certainly appreciate it. I am certainly no expert but maybe a Purple Storm COM to get some additional Flash Freeze duration (+4 would be good enough I’d say) so you can shoot the Mongol right before EOS becomes hitable again without loosing too many stacks. Although you probably know better what’s best.
I consider it a win if TPS crashes to this :3

The rockets are most likely to slow to destroy him faster than the Development, but I’ll do one phase for the cool light show and post it. :acmaffirmative:

That works too ^-^

I see what you’re saying now. I’ll see if him spawning in to a wall of rockets could insta-kill him, but it’ll be tough while maintaining kill skills, Storm Weaving and Maelstrom.

But for now fear the Horde.

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Ur vids private. U gotta change it to unlisted iirc

Sorry new to this. Done.

Wow, that was awesome :smiley: Even better than I would have imagined, thank you <3

Anytime. :bldancing:

The amount of tries this took, and the level of unreliability is unbelievable. I want to say a lot of things but I’ll just say “■■■■ YEAH!!!”

Oh my god, what have I done XD. That was pure insanity and it’s far beyond anything I imagined.

*She by the way :3

Sorry I never knew all this time on the forums. It’s fixed now:3

And enjoy the monster you helped create. I know I did.

No worries :smile:

I am really glad I actually did something :3 But really, congrats for breaking EOS so hard. Clever use of Clear! for the massive damage bonus.

Yeah Clear is the only thing that makes this kill possible. And the first time was a pure fluke. You can tell by the celebratory long video. I was beginning to think it wasn’t possible until this happened.