Athena vs Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ SH4DOW-TP (w/out cryo)

The Mutators I used.

  • Glass Turtles
  • Level 9
  • CQB

100% without cryo.
Its not a speed run, but I think the time was 3:05 or something.


I didn’t know where to put this so I put it here. If it would be better suited in the Athena section feel free to move it.

I think it does belong in this section, if it was about athena, then you would have to make a little discussion too.

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I like how you used chimeras to super-charge your maelstrom stacks by shooting at them with the same element. Genius, really.

Also, using raid gears & strat on lvl 9 mutator? hehe

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Yeah that’s what I love about Athena. The harder the enemy tries to stay alive, the harder she hits. :blush: Makes me want to play her on OP8 in BL2.

And why not raid stuff, Lvl 9 mutator arena Sh4dow-tp is probably the hardest enemy in the game.

Also, sucks that you got nothing from that. I’d be salty af.

Almost like Krieg, the more they damage me, the more my shotty will do.

Yeah in a way. My Athena is actually un-inventively called “Hellborn Athena”.

@Krieg_Krazy EDIT: I meant “un-inventively”

Oh ok, makes sense for sure, Also, so how was you not consuming any ammo?

Her skill called “Elemental Barrage”.

I knew it. But damn, IS IT REALLY THAT OP?!?!

Anywhere that has a “raid” level difficulty it is. In general mobbing it’s a lot more balanced, so much so that sometimes she feels kinda lack luster with this play style. It’s really hard to get half the Maelstrom stacks I have this video while mobbing, if that. Just like Krieg and Bloodlust, except these are really hard to build.

I have played as her, I have a lvl50 one.

He is using the absolute best gears and setup in this kill, but you can reach 700 stacks (the threshold for infinite ammo) extremely quickly even without using this raiding setup.

You just need 1 of these three: fire rate, pellet count, or DoT.

This universal raid setup goes for fire rate and pellet count. You can also stack with DoT without using insanely powerful gears which allows you to stack almost as fast in normal mobbing.

Just remember to kill, then swap to get Unrelenting (massive fire rate bonus) to stack extremely quickly.

not to mention, he used THE most powerful COM for Athena that massively boosts the two fire rate boosting skills in Ceraunic Storm skill tree. (storm COM)

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as i play her more, im starting to really love athena in mutator 9, because its the only mobbing scenario where i can achieve FULL POWER!!! (AKA 999 stacks).
i do a strategy very similar to this. but instead, i rock the glass turtle, the dot modifier (first one on the left), and the eddie thunderfire combo. it does good DPS and the multi element dot is really nice with overload. the eddie is super OP with glass turtle and a shield of ages and it even helps stack a little in the early waves with its shock damage to melee attackers.

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Did you see my build? It can reach 999 while mobbing without much trouble, especially in areas like subconscious or pandora or robot factory

Just gotta know where to look.

I love the eddie thunderfire combo too! The damage is surprisingly high and god the dual element is awesome.

I’ve never seen anyone using a glass turtle in this game. Is there a reason you prefer it over shield of ages of bulwark?

its a modifier in the mutator arena. i love my shield of ages, as conduit makes you invulnerable. but ive recently fallen in love with the black hole, sunshine, and that one meteor shield (forgot the name) in mobbing. and i just looked at it. i run a very similar build.,auto
my gear is similar too. great minds think alike, i guess. only difference is i run a quasar, but whatever.

Oh yeah, that modifier? I use that every time I do the lvl 9 mutator too. It’s almost a must.

DUDE, I’ve fallen in love with black hole, sunshine, and asteroid belt too! So interesting! much more fun than just tanking everything with SoA.

Your build is more focused on fire rate. My build literally squeezes every juice out of DoTs - in one of the showcases, the DoTs start to kill by themselves without me having to shoot at all and it clears out a whole room and stacks me from 500 to 999 in 4 seconds. Godly.

I frickin’ love the noise the Badaboom makes the first time I use it. It reminds me of when you had a bad latency in BL2, and could create a “ScornSPLOSION”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh also @ItsmeJamesAJ I dare you to Lvl 9 mutator arena w/ Sh4dow-tp and your DoT Athena build :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:. Or @onlyin_kansas with your Athena.

ive already done it, but if your talking about recording, it wouldnt look much different than yours. either way, it might be good fun, so…