Athena vs Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ SH4DOW-TP (w/out cryo)

maybe a melee hybrid build? i was looking at the elpis com and i think a spec like this would work with that com.
plays the same a CS, but melee to close the gap between you and your target, while also applying a health regen and multiplicative damage bonus. sounds pretty sweet in theory.


Awwweeee :DDD

@khimerakiller 1. you forgot to tag me! 2. I have plenty of ideas in mind, but time limits my output. Anyways, most of the ideas are something even I can do (eg. simple gun testing) but there are two that only you can do (someone who’s really good at optimizing and someone who’s not half brain-dead like me when playing) - that slight improvement on Eclipse kill using the intro strategy I mentioned and that request with my build and someone who’s actually able to keep those suggestions in mind.

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Like my Bangstick showcase was my Hybrid Athena. Did you have anything specific in mind besides just the CoE?

  • Guns/gear
  • Place
  • Play style
  • ect…

I’ll see if I can improve my kill later a long the line. But for now I should have a surprise for you soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ooh, a Nasty Surprise?


Why cryo is a crutch IMO


  • Glass Turtles (survival)
  • Level 9
  • Butt Slayers (b/c it doesn’t help)


  • Fridgia (cryo)
  • Laser Disker (b/c explosive)
  • Ravager (b/c explosive)
  • Shield of Ages (survival)
  • Lvl 50 Springs’ Oz kit (a bad Oz kit so I can double jump)
  • Lvl 50 Tesla (for Conduit and Chimeras)
  • A Lvl 69 white Gladiatrix com (I accidentally picked it up, I meant to run this com-less)


  • Invictus (basically does nothing/in order to reach the next skill)
  • Vanguard (health regen)
  • Maelstrom (b/c I have to, to utilize Conduit)
  • Storm Weaving (same as Maelstrom/better cryo chance)
  • Conduit (shield regen)


  • No BAR

While this isn’t that fast, it shows my point. It was still only 8:45 with all this nothingness. I mean @johnrr6’s run with Wilhelm fully specced and geared was a little bit over 11 minutes.

So yeah, this just goes to show how the hardest content in the game can be trivialized by cryo, and is why I call cryo a crutch for all CS Athenas.

@ItsmeJamesAJ can see this one

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interesting. nisha loves cryo, but i only use it for mutator 9 badasses and i dont run cryo on athena b/c she doesn’t need it. good stuff.

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could you do this in the mutator, with this spec/ play style?

What what what. You’ve got like 3 request I think.

  • Hybrid Athena
  • Hybrid Athena in Lvl 9
  • And CS Athena w/ cryo… I think

You’ve got to be more clear at least with me. Sorry

EDIT: read your other post on Jame’s thread and now I’m really confused.

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i just want to see the hybrid in level 9 mutator. your bangstick showcase gave me a good idea of what it can do in regular mobbing. and athena with cryo would be unnecessary, so no.

Ok, the forums are acting weird so I’m getting notifications late and out of order.

I’ll say again since its all cleared up now.

You can either give me all the specifics or I can optimize it my self, and I’ll see what I can do.

Or just something(s) I have to do/use.

preferably, a spec like this or so.
the CoE com, and whatever other gear (shield of ages, tranquility, ETC) but the best would probably be the hyperion shottys for stacking, and a torgue for closing. melee to get in range, apply all the debuffs, then deal “many damages”

@onlyin_kansas I used the Boganella to stick to more off the “Hybrid” theme. And I changed your build up slightly.

Awesome random YouTube picked thumb nail IMO

@ItsmeJamesAJ this one too

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No need to tag me twice. (I got really confused when I looked at the notifications).

Pretty sure you can clear the same thing even faster when you have the same setup except with Hyperion shottys (and you’re critting). Helluva lot easier, helluva lot faster.

Also, I love how hilarious the double Boganella shotguns are. Nice showcase.


Which video did the 2nd line refer to?

First vid.

2nd vid was about what I was expecting. I actually planned on doing it for kansas, but you did it faster. (still doing work atm)

Then the point of that video is not which is faster, its that I used cryo+explosive guns with bad gear/almost no skill points/no BAR/meaning less mutators. To show how cryo is a crutch and basically allowed me to clear Lvl 9 under those conditions form its effects alone.

If you meant w/ those conditions the Hyperion SGs would be better, you’re free to prove it using the same set up.

And my point is that you will be able to do it even more efficiently with Hyperion shotguns. You are calling essentially slag a crutch because anything that’s slagged in BL2 is actually killable.

I don’t feel like doing a video just to prove you wrong, especially when I’m swarmed with things to do like now, but you are more than welcome to try it out yourself.

exellent job! preformed better than i thought. i might have to try this out, it seems very potent.

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Well if you get the time I’d like to see you do it, if not oh well.

And slag is different, it buffs everything and if Athena was in BL2 I wouldn’t say its a crutch for her unlike cryo. The softer scaling of TPS and how CS Athena works leads me to say its a crutch on her if used while mobbing.