Athena's Gun damage formula

To show how everything fits into the damage formula read this thread by @Sljm’s Basic Gun Damage Formula

I’ll start with what skills are what

The following skills are Gun Damage under the Normal Damage section

  • Ephodos
  • Prepare for Glory
  • Gun Kata

The following skills are Special Multipliers under the SpecMult section

  • Omega-Senshu (2)
  • Tear (1)
  • Clear! (2)

The following skills is Elemental Damage under the ElemBonus section

  • Maelstrom

When you put them all into the formula they look like this

*Output = (NormalHit * SpecMult1 * CriticalHit + SplashDamage) SpecMult2 * ElemBonus * TypeMod

NormalHit = (BaseDamage * (1 + Ephodos + Prepare for Glory + Gun Kata ) + AmpDamage )

SpecMult1 = (1 + Tear)

SpecMult2 = (1 + Clear!) * (1 + Omega - Senshu)

ElemBonus = (1 + Maelstrom + [SpecificElement]Damage) * FreezeBonus?

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I’ll port the resource guide soon and add this to it again

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Updated this to match @sljm’s newest damage formula thread linked in the OP.

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So where does COM damage come in?

NormalHit = (BaseDamage * (1 + Ephodos + Prepare for Glory + Gun Kata ) + AmpDamage )

So what adds more DPS Femme Fatale or Dominator COM?

Plug them in and see for yourself :wink:

So the card damage would go in with the boosts provided by the card correct?

Is it a base damage boost or a elemental boost? Read Sljm’s thread if you don’t know which are which, I link to that thread in the OP.

Flakker does.