Athena's rend + haymker shield?

(Marchenkoiris) #1

Yeah, I know that Haymaker isn’t the best shield , but it fits my build with frostfire so much, and I’ve noticed that special effect don’t work properly when I put a point in the Rend skill. I still can take off negative effects when melee( slow down, elemental dots ) , however it seems I can’t transer these effects to the enemies. Bleed damage over time blocks it!
Do u have the same glitch guys, and how I can solve this problem ?

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(Rush86) #2

Didn’t even know about this glitch. Maybe contact support. Or someone on here knows a fix. But most likely gearbox wont fix it. I told them about a glitch with dot damage. Sometimes only doing 1 damage per tick. It was never addressed.