Athenas Was My Favourite Level So Far!

I really liked Athenas.

It was tight, focused, lots of crazy combat at nice intervals, good verticality to the Crimson Radio Crew Challenge, Traunt was decently amusing and a fun fight, plus you can farm Chupacabratch, as well as the Holy Spirit mission, which gave me an entire level bar of experience.

Plus, a decent amount of chests.

It does kind of suck that there is only one set of Vending Machines, right at the very beginning, but there are soooo many ammo chests.

The other worlds I’ve been to so far (Promethea, Pandora) were big and beautiful and fun to explore, but seemed like they had way less enemy mobs than in previous titles.


I think you’ll enjoy Eden-6. Lots of variety and new stuff. It’s where I started to come out of my funk from the first couple worlds.

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It is a beautiful place, very Flamerock/Tina DLC like which is great. Just a little underused IMO.

I do enjoy running it and killing Chupa and Traunt plus chests like you said.

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I was disappointed that it was one area. I think that planet looks beautiful.

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Yeah, I can’t argue with you there.

One more map of it with a sidequest or 2 and some crew challenges would have been very nice.

Definitely way too small / short, especially compared to the previous planets.

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Great planet … One I’m sure we will see expanded … I think my favourite place to just wander n kill stuff is lectra city

It’s got some tight corridors and great verticality for combat … Other places have better vertical maps but not used to great effect when in combat like you get in lectra city

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I liked Athenas, but it’s too small. Overall I think I enjoyed the Jakobs planet the most.

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