Atlas HQ Rooftop Mission

Just finished killing Matakagawa on the rooftop and when I’m asked if I like the mustache it won’t let me select X or Y. I press the button but nothing happens, Zer0 just starts talking.

I’ve quit the game back to character selection screen and gone back to it but same result. Going to restart the game itself and see if that fixes it. If it does I’ll post back here, if not suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can’t progress in the Main Mission line until this is resolved.

Otherwise great game Gearbox!

I remember having an issue with this one as well. I never left but kept pressing and maybe had to hold it before it triggered. Either way it was kind of a PITA.

I have the same issue. I have starting from the beginning again doing a new game, but same deal, cannot get pat the moustache. I am loving the game, but looks like I’m screwed here. Xbox one.

Tried again today, held the button for about 39 seconds, and it accepted it. Thanks guys!