Atlas hq stuck at 8/9 locations

Going for the plat and even though I’ve been to 9 locations in Atlas hq , it’s still only at 98% cause it says I’m missing one location even though my whole map is blue. Any suggestions on getting my last spot? Very disappointed cause its blocking me from a platinum

Unfortunately a lot of the map locations are fairly buggy, hopefully they fix it i an upcoming patch.

In the meantime you are gonna have to go around each place again specifically hugging some walls as you move and try to use the interactive map on one of the pinned topics here. It shows you where each of the locations are so as you go make sure to make note of which locations pop up on screen as you explore, the one that doesn’t will be the buggy one and you can focus on just that area to get it to pop.

I just went to cistern of slaughter cause it was my last spot and I got the city slicker trophy, so I’m guessing it’s just the list itself that’s bugged

Ah well congrats on the plat then anyway :smiley: