Atlas HQ wall of lockers...puzzle?

This has been buggin’ me. In Atlas HQ there is a room with 2 walls of lockers. *The room with the fast travel station near the exit to Meridian Meteoplex.
You pass through the room right before your fight with Katagawa Jr.

So there are 2 stacks of lockers (3x5 each) and some are locked, some are not. Each wall has 5 unlocked lockers. I cant help but think this is some sort of puzzle (or I just haven’t progressed enough and they all unlock later). But I wonder if we open the unlocked ones in some order, then all of them will open. Or maybe there’s another way.

Any thoughts?


I’ve tried a number of different orders but it always seems to be the same lockers that open. So currently I’m more thinking its not a puzzle but possibly a side quest that may not have made it in game.

Another example of this is if you actually do like Moxxi asks and shoot Killavolt in the dick it pops up a message like when you shoot Dumptruck in the ass which makes me think that it was an optional objective that didn’t make it into the final game.

Maybe the mystery will be solved one day.
And i gotta try that killavolt thing. Thats hilarious.

yeah, totally so you can open per wall…5 safes, thats means ( in mathematics) “5!/(1-5)!” combinations (binomial), =5 versions/ways/combinations just at the 1st try. happy hunting.

Did anyone figure anything out with this?

Killavolt’s critical spot is his dick. That appears to be the only to target that area. I was hoping for an additional reward, like for Dumptruck, but it doesn’t happen.