Atlas HQ zone empty

Hi, any chance to make this zone full of mobs again, after we liberate it in story? after returnign to this zone is just empty and boring no mobs to shoot, thanks Gearbox.

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But it wouldn’t make sense to have mobs there after the story… It’s Atlas HQ, a friendly zone that we liberated during the story.

of course i know, but on mayhem 3 set when all is done, its more fun if in all zones have mobs to kill, you know, empty zones no fun really, and i am sure other ppl would aggree on that, but what ever this is just and idea to make this zone attractive again on mayhem 3 :slight_smile:

I know right. While the sky is still full of Mailwan aircrafts blasting in the zone. Perhaps upcoming Maliwan DLC has something to do with it.

I mean if you want someone to fight in Atlas HQ you could always go fight Katagawa Jr. :innocent:

Yeah, and the vaults should stay empty, unguarded, and looted.

Except that the enemy spawns during the Atlas HQ mission are directly tied to story soundbites. Atlas soldiers react to it as well. Maybe it was just decided that for an area that is meant to be allied, they wouldn’t put random enemy spawns in the middle of it all the time?

I mean, a Vault is hardly allied territory. This seems like a silly comparison.

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i think there ar ratch here now? i would haft to dbl check but i can remeber fighting ratch after the maliwan guys was gone.