Atlas Legendary Rebel Yell and Carrier are worthless wall hangers

So I was intrigued by Atlas guns and their tracking coolness. Shooting around obstacles was a great concept. However once I got both legendary rifles via trades, the massive letdown ensued. I hopped on L50 MM3 and proceeded to burn thru ammo and an overwhelming feeling of trip to respawn ( yeah happened ) crept in.

To say using a banana in a slingshot would be more useful is almost an understatement. Dealing with more hp, shields, and armor just broke my heart. I have a 48 BLUE Atlas that was twice as effective as these “legendary” guns. I ran to a vendor and as luck happens a L50 EPIC Atlas was there.

and to compare.

The Carrier is worse that the Yell. So comparing which really would you carry into battle. The effect at a 7% chance with TRACKER ONLY. That’s one shot at 7%. Really, and it has brutally low dps rate as well. The carrier has a shot that hits, splits 2 and then homes in nearest. At a lower dps and slower rof. And in a crowd you are speading low dps over 3 targets, most likely.

Devs need to feed this beast some love. Otherwise just put in petting zoo. All that hard work on a very cool look and lets drop suck stats on it. Get idea.

Ate 4 deaths trying these guns out. Don’t use above MM1, Great gun for MM0, okay barely for MM1, at MM2 or 3 it’s junk imho.


Atlas guns are just a huge disappointment in this game. Cool gimmick, but very underwhelming stats make them the most lackluster manufacturer in BL3. Even if they were buffed to be more on par with Dahl or Hyperion, I’m still not sure that I’d use them endgame.


We have Atlas as manufacturer in this game?


Why is it that every time someone says a gun is junk I go use it and it tears ass through enemies? Maliwan shockwaves, any Tediore, now Atlas.

I’m seriously asking, is MM3 such a chore that it requires you to use certain builds/weapons? If so I’m probably going to ignore it forever.

But anyway, are you tagging enemies on their weakspots for guaranteed critical hits?

Atlas guns are more suited for shooting safely from behind cover, not jumping into the middle of a fight. Great for those ridiculous enemies that never stop shooting rockets like a machinegun or can oneshot you with their toes.

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It is true though. I was excited about Atlas weapons, then immediately disappointed in their damage. Haven’t tried them since the “buff” but i’m sure that they just aren’t as good as the other rifles. I mean it basically comes down to the fact that i’d rather just aim and do high damage, than not aim and do a moderate amount of damage. Like OldSchool said, at least they look good on the wall lol. But i’m sure they are fun to use when you aren’t using Mayhem modes, cuz you can actually kill things with them.

Nah,in M3 at this point you can do whatever type of gun.
Compared to others tho.I dont think anyone will dissagree that atlas and maliwan are abysmal.
Again,compared to others.On their own,usable.

So what does the Rebel Yell do? I have one, but its low damage and shock damage aren’t the best except for burning off a shield, granted mine has a ridiculously high fire rate for an Atlas, like an 8 or 9, and that makes it bearable.

Best atlas weapons hands down are the ones that fire multiple bullets at once. Whether your using the 2 for 1 or the multiple bullet consumption the atlas weapons tracking functions are great. It’s like having a shotgun that never misses a single bullet.

The single bullet ones are junk though IMO.

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had an atlas gun that was 2x like what was posted above in my first playthrough. it was super good until i found a green that was underleveled and way better. we should hvae let atlas fall…

It’s funny I fought 4 badasses with this gun. Hitting tracker is tough. Some bounce to target, some have a dropping arc. Targets, sadly, won’t hold still. So tagging heads is tricky. I have other guns that chew through MM3 stuff really well. But these guns are “fun” show pieces. Jakob’s at least have a solid punch and several effects that make them useful ( skill / build do impact it ). These guns just lack pure punch and no effect to compensate for lack of base firepower. Again cool manufacture effect, but the gun just need work. Low accuracy and damage. Recoil is not horrible and is manageable. Just no punch. It’s like a Ferrari body and a Ford Pinto engine. Sure it’ll move down the road, but won’t climb a hill without a hurricane at it’s back.

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It does shock damage on tracker darts, and normal on normal shots.

Could have been a cool gimmick if normal shots were fire, or even corrosive (remove shields with shock, then hit the flesh/metal with what hurts), but as is it’s kinda meh.

And yeah, damage on this rifle is kinda suckish, compared to “x2 shots for 1 bullet” atlas rifles. Which are only worthwhile atlas non-rocket launcher guns I know, heh.

EDIT: Found out AX-7 pistols are also nice.

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Shock damage only on tracker darts? Seriously?

Dead serious.

Its a shame as love the atlas rifles but i agree these legendary weapons are very dissapointing :hushed:

With a few tweaks the Carrier could be a good gun. The ricochets home in on nearest target. Slight damage tweak and an element it could be pretty good with Amara’s ricochet skills.

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It doesn’t help that Atlas has picked up Jakobs’ non-elemental only gimmick. But Jakobs has the high base damage, crit bonus and fire rate to make up for it, plus a lot of Jakobs’ Legendaries do drop with elements to them so even they don’t have that as an excuse anymore. With element matching being even more important for the game now, having Atlas be all non-elemental with no trade off is a huge weakness for them.


The atlas Q guns are very good…just ignor the tracking feature most the time and with the buff they have now a lvl50 purple Q version atlas is doing like 3k base listed card dmg …shooting 2 bullets but only costing 1 ammo …try this out im tellin ya they rock i wish there was a legendary Q version


If they did not more than half the rate of fire the cost effective prefix on atlas guns would be amazing and put them above 80% of ARs in terms of output (90% of AR right now are underwhelming)

They should at least keep the same fire rate / or small reduction and allow cost effective on the leg atlas rifles, this would make them tons more viable and sought after.

I posted a while back that I thought AR’s in general were underwhelming. These Atlas boys are even a further step down than that unfortunately lol

If there was one gun that was better than the rest, then everyone would be using it and all the others would be worthless. This is why there are different types of guns in the game. So nothing overpowers all the rest.
If you gave yourself god-mode invincibility, how much longer would you still be playing this game before it got boring?