Atlas mechanic concerns

am i the only one who loves the look of this game, but keep seeing randy during demo’s or gameplay sequences that big up the atlas tracking guns. it’s cool but resistance fall of man on PS3 did this, it’s not new. it’s probably very well done in borderlands 3, but still.

He was bigging up every gun as far as I saw. Let them be proud of what they made. Nobody says it has to be 100% original


“big up”?

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Essentially to aggrandize something but it’s a term for millennials.


Randy appears to like that weapon mechanic, and as it looks to be one of the most novel new ones to the BL3 franchise, so I get why he focuses on it… I haven’t found this to be any more distracting than the rest of the narration myself.

The Bullseye in Resistance appears to be different in that the player must have line-of-sight to the enemy for the weapons to track (which seems like it was made as an augment to the auto-aim mechanic found in consoles more than actual homing rounds)?

The Atlas weapons seem to have a Wanderlust-like combat mechanic, where they fire out for a moment in a straight-ish line, then alter their flight path to home in on the enemy, allowing one to shoot safely from behind cover (or to hit enemies behind their own cover if done right).

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firstly, that’s fine if it’s something new and we haven’t seen it before, guns with legs etc. but it irks me when I see a game touting a mechanic that has been done many years prior.

Secondly, that’s not how the bullseye in resistance worked at all. it’s the same mechanic, you can fire it behind cover, heck you can fire it backwards if i remember correctly as long as something isn’t in the way of the bullet arc, which looks the same as borderlands 3.

In short it’s a 13 year old mechanic, don’t be too proud of it.

BL2 had homing weapons already. Dart E-tech pistols would do it and also an E-tech quest reward that had red text.

Keep in mind he is essentially trying to play the role of a salesman at this point at these reveals and events so he basically wants to try upselling every aspect to draw in as many people as possible.

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I really don’t like the idea of the Atlas tracker rounds gun gimmick.

Now call me crazy, but since this is a shooter, and aiming is a major part of shooting, then why would I want to use a gun that diminishes from that experience.

I mean If I don’t even need to aim, If I can just hide behind cover while the gun’s doing all the work then where’s the challange?

The automation of such an essential part of gameplay can only serve to make the experience poorer.

Heck, While we’re doing automation of gameplay, why not also add a class mod that handles all that pesky walking bits for us. maybe it could also automatically dodge shots and find the most ideal location for each encounter.

Or maybe just have an AI replace the player, so then we really wouldn’t have to do anything.

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Use different weapons then.


It’s more like a tracer from what I understand. 1: You need to shoot a “tracker” first. 2: The tracker only lasts so long. 3: They deal FAR less damage from what I’ve seen

Couple vids showing off guns and gameplay as proof. The Atlas (lv10) deals 10 per shot. The Tediore (lv9) deals 18 (Atlas) (Tediore)

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Of course I will. I’m just pointing out why


I know you have to use a tracker but it still waters down shooting to much for my liking

Fair enough. Everyone has their preferences. I’d honestly vote against limiting your options especially when it appears as though they’re balanced for that mechanic and you can still use them similar to normal guns. However, I will admit I’m hesitant when it comes to the new Maliwan concept so I ain’t gonna judge.

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Don’t be me in any case, there are only 4 manufacturers I even like in BL3. The rest just look like they’re making space age vacuumcleaners to me.


Speak for yourself - I find that there are times and places where this sort of mechanic can be quite fun.

I’d take it a step further, and vote against Gearbox excluding any weapon mechanic because they thought some people wouldn’t like it. If there was a combat mechanic I didn’t like, I certainly wouldn’t want it omitted from the game. Case in point: I rarely do co op, but there is quite a bit of the game dedicated to it (skills, COMs, networking, chat, whatever), and I just ignore those features when I’m not using them.


Based on what I seen from streams so far. The bullets also have to get within a certain proximity of the tagged target to start homing. It doesn’t appear to reach full on levels of point anywhere and hit target once they get marked.


Homing bullets do not take away from the experience because hitting enemies is already very easy in all Borderlands games. It is hard to hit enemies on very long distances but so is hitting the enemy with the tracker to make the bullets homing.

What it does add to the experience is giving you ability to hit enemies who you don’t have line of sight to - something no other gun can do.

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Everyone is freaking out about the Atlas tracking thing but is in love with swarms of Tediore guns chasing down enemies and shooting/blowing them up automatically.


At the very least, they’ll make decent FFYL alternatives.