Atlas Optimized Q-System vs. Rebel Yell


I am, as I said, very happy with the Q-system, it’s my top slot weapon for general purpose (non-elemental) shooting, and because it scopes and handles so well I use it instead of snipers.
I looked forward to having similar luck with Atlas pistols. I didn’t.
I’m talking primarily about the AX series, I don’t recall if there are other Atlas pistols, none come to mind.
The AX’s are slow firing (which is OK in the Q, but not in a pistol), not heavy damage, and often are splash dependent which I don’t like.
For pistols in BL3 I use Jakobs or Vladoff. Jakobs becauses of the power and the crit- ricochet mechanic which kills many things, and of course Vladoff for raw fire rate. My current fav pistol is the Lucky 7, which as I mentioned elsewhere I’m going to do a complete play through using only that gun once I get my PS4 Siren through TVHM.

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I tried that briefly and my mind got all confused and addled, and my fingers flailed like fish out of water.
Even worse for me is I play at least an hour of BL1 or 2 every day also, so switching controller mindset back and forth just makes more sloppiness.

@CharmlessBee and @RavenOfArisia
Thank you!

Q system is a workhorse. I like ones with tracker darts. Basically instashot the target for tracking (4 darts) and you get 2 shots. Carrier is a beast. If you’re on Xbox I can toss you one. :wink:

GT: Facehuggybear


And I now have one to play with - thanks for the gift!