Atlas' Pitiful Return

Good evening, I’m here to discuss something that has been bothering me for a VERY long time; Atlas feels shafted as a Manufacturer.

For a fan-favorite manufacturer brought back into the franchise, I’m surprised to see how poorly they’re being treated. It has the LEAST amount of legendary weapons. At just 5 weapons, I was surprised there were so little and yet no new one have been introduced since Launch.

Then there’s the issue of how AWFUL 80% of them are. Rebel Yell and Carrier are outclassed by an Epic AR (Q-System) making me question why the Q-System isn’t the legendary and those two AR uniques/epics

A personal gripe with Atlas’ treatment is that there is ONLY 1 Legendary Atlas pistol, and since launch (unless recently fixed, but doubtful), that Pistol has been unable to come with an anointment (Obvious bug, right?). The Linc Pistol was my 2nd favorite pistol but I felt like I wasted my time due to the no-anointment bug on it. Why not address such a glaring Atlas-related issue when the manufacturer can’t afford to be even weaker than it already is? Let me not even get started on the fact that the Linc pistol, just like the AR’s, is outclassed by an epic Atlas pistol (the damage, GBX, the damage is not even worth the ammo you waste on shooting the gun, not even close to being worth it).

Anyways just felt I needed to vent. I don’t particularly care much about Atlas and that in and of itself is very telling to how far down in the mud Atlas is being dunked.

Give more Atlas Legendaries
Give major buffs to current Atlas Legendaries (aside from Ruby’s Wrath).

Thank you.
Feel free to chip in on your thoughts on Atlas.


i actually think they’ll add a dlc dedicated to Atlas corporation. i’m just speculating, but with how few legendaries they have, i’m just kinda expecting it.


I feel the same. Fiona and the other Tales characters might be waiting to make a comeback in a DLC. I also thought that they want to save all the gear for an Atlas DLC yet that seems like faulty reasoning. If you don’t plan on having too many leggos for Atlas, at least make the 5 that they did get to be half-way decent and useful.

Mediocrity across the board is not good for anyone.

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very true, looking forward to see more of the results from the events of Tales in the games.

As was mentioned better elsewhere on the forums, quality as a function of rarity is really only good up to purple; at orange, it’s just like rarity for its own sake, with some gimmick that may or may not pan out to higher damage. It was like this in BL2, and it baked peoples noodles in that game too.

It’s a hard notion to shake that the more rare something is, the better it must be (especially when the first four rarities largely follow this pattern). Once you add red text, something’s up with the gun, for better or worse, and all legendary gear is red-texted.

I wouldn’t judge Atlas poorly on its legendary count though - if the weapon gimmick is fun, use 'em.

(Related - if you’ve got a Linc you don’t like and are on PC, I’m still trying to get my hands on one. :wink:)


Can’t argue with this topic. Atlas is in a seriously poor state since launch.

I hope they don’t make people pay for usable Atlas guns (DLC).

Pls fix GBX.

One of their issues is the homing bullet gimmick is just clunky and only has niche use. Why would I waste my time constantly micro-managing a mode swap to put trackers out when I get no extra damage or anything and I can easier just point my gun at a target. There are some niche uses for it, but it falls extremely short in most cases.


the puck and grenade aren’t even good for tagging a critical hit spot. the dart is the only one that seems worth anything.

i like how the carrier works, in theory, but the damage sucks.

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What I was trying to say with that part is that the quality of Atlas guns is so inconsistent that nothing really makes sense. There are very few Atlas weapons and when the variety comes down to “Which one does more DPS”, that’s not good.

Weapon types should be distinct from each other within the same manufacturer. All Atlas guns feel the same since its gimmick (trackers) is currently so bland that no matter what Atlas weapon you are holding you feel like you’re firing the same gun.

If I had to praise anything, it would be the Freeman’s guided missile gimmick. It’s the same “tracking” gimmick done differently.

Also there’s the non-elemental thing. If you’re going to handicap a manufacturer with something like non-elemental weapons, at least give them something to compensate. in BL2 for example Jakobs were non-Elemental but they got insane Crit bonuses to compensate.

Atlas guns are bland, extremely weak, and very same-sy aside from maybe 1 or 2 weapons.


If you exploit the bug use its temporary features efficiently, it’s damn fine. I’m using it for boss farming, I’m ripping through them faster than with a Cutsman (with Amara though).

edit: the Carrier, I mean. Haven’t used the Rebel Yell much.

Ive deleted kataball’s shield phase with some for the road + rebel yell’s alternate mode; plus the vortex grenades from ruby’s wrath are fun on their own

Would definitely like to see some usable, non-gimmicky Atlas guns. They were the high quality guns in BL1, if I remember correctly… Rhys supposedly rebuilt Atlas so they should be even better now. Lore aside (lol)… it would just be nice to see some competitive Atlas guns.