Attack bonuses? Multigun vs heavy corvette

Multi gun has more attack power, more armor and more turrets (coverage) so I thought it was better but the tooltip says that multigun is effective against fighters while heavy is effective against fighters AND corvettes. If heavy has less attack power that would mean that it has bonus damage against corvettes, right? Or is the tooltip wrong?

Also a corvette effective against frigates is missing. Devs should focus in improving the game, not just doing a plain copy with better graphics of the original. HW2 groups for fighters and frigates was very good. Maybe increasing the cap (for you and for the computer) would be nice.

Have you read these forums? They’re getting enough flack from people for the things they had to change about HW1 just to make the remaster possible, never mind changing more things on purpose. If they add a new unit they’ll probably be threatened with rabid weasels by the HW1 purists.

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I have read yes, and I dont care. My opinion is that I dont want a lame remaster if they want the original game then they should play the original game. Devs should always aim to create the best game possible, even if this breaks some nostalfgt nonsense rules.

i think that HW2 controls and system was great but story a bit weak, while HW1 story was amazing and its controls pretty lame.

Actually, the tooltip might be refferencing to the sum of firepower of all the different ships. Like, the sum of the Multigun corvettes’s guns perhaps produces a higher level of firepower but not all of said turrets can be brought to bear at the same time on a single target. Also would imply that the damage score of the multigun corvette is spread over six turrets rather than just two for the heavy corvette, meaning that individually the turrets on a heavy corvette might dish more damages than the guns of a multigun corvette.

I’m mentioning this as I noted a similar deal between the Assault Corvette and Ion beam frigates whereas the assault corvette had a higher damage score than the ion beam.

However, the assault frigate has two gun turrets as well as two plasma bomb launchers to divide that damage score between themselves, whereas the damage score of the ion beam frigate possibly refer to the lone ion beam itself(which does damage cycles iirc meaning that it actually repeats it’s damages multiple times during the duration of the beam).

Heavy corvette vs. multigun corvette… old, old debate right there. EDIT- these are stats from Classic Homeworld, not remastered. Do not take this as definitive evidence until the Remastered stats are available.

HW1 heavy corvette: 250 RU, 1700 HP, speed 520m/s.
Kushan- 28-36 damage per shot x2 guns. Bullet mass 0.01, range 5000, bullet speed 15000. 2.8 refire.
Taiidan- 14-18 damage per shot x4 guns (twin turrets). Bullet mass 0.01, range 5000, bullet speed 15000. 2.8 refire.

HW1 multigun corvette: 225 RU, 1400 HP, speed 695m/s.
Kushan- 6-7 damage per shot x6 guns. Bullet mass 0.01, range 6000, bullet speed 20000. 2.0 refire.
Taiidan- 6-7 damage per shot x6 guns. Bullet mass 0.01 range 6000, bullet speed 20000. 2.0 refire.

The heavy simply dealt way more damage- 56-72 every 2.8 seconds for 200-257 damage over 10 seconds vs. 36-42 every 2 seconds for 180-210 damage over 10 seconds. That’s why the heavy corvette was so much better against other corvettes. Against fighters, the multiguns were usually better because they were faster and their guns fired faster projectiles- they could hit agile targets easier and repeatedly. However, there really wasn’t any enemy the multiguns could defeat that the heavies couldn’t, whereas there were lots of things heavies could do that multiguns couldn’t (for instance, although the slower heavy corvette was more easily tracked and hit by an assault frigate, a group of heavies could more easily destroy a frigate than a group of multiguns). Wise players either went for heavies or mixed forces of heavies and multiguns; pushing multiguns exclusively was not ideal since they were more specialized craft.

I don’t know what adjustments were made for the RNG hit system, but assuming Gearbox stayed true to the design of the two corvettes, the heavy is (and should be) the more powerful of the two, and it will still be in your best interests to keep a good number of them around even after you gain access to multiguns- otherwise your corvette force will be at a disadvantage against anything larger than a fighter.

Might be a dumb question, but when do you get the multi gun corvette?

I am on mission 12 and still have not yet gotten the ability to build these.

Your game has bugged out on you- that tech is supposed to appear partway through mission 7.

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the HW2 engine has support for (unshown) damage multipliers based on the (unshown) armor type of target ships. Add to that the possibility for unintuitive accuracy settings, until we can open up the weapon files it’s hard to say exactly.

If going by the intent, Heavy Corvettes are more of a heavy-duty general combat strike-craft while Multigun Corvettes, due to their coverage, targeting AI, higher speed, lower overkill, and higher firing-rate are more specialized for anti-fighter.

Someone said in other post that if you are researching a technology and your research ship gets destroyed the research wont appear again. Just broadcasting, not tested but if didnt happen this to you please feel free to report so they can fix it.

The multi gun corvette I think that you get it on the nebula missions or before, but in these missions you already have the technologies.

I’ve been doing some testing vs cpu and I can’t see any difference between the HC and Multi. The tooltips don’t mean anything since they were just copy/pasted from the original while the mechanics are totally different. I don’t think there is anything like attack coverage anymore as turrets seem to fire through the body of the ship.

You are probably right.

Another question. Could someone tell me what does the stances do? Apart from the basic (pursue, defend, quiet), do they influence in the performance of the squad? For example, in HW2 the groups change their formations and I wonder if its purely aesthetic or not.

There’s no effect on whether they keep formation or not. Formations just don’t work, period. This is likely down to HW2’s squad system- individual squads had formations that changed with the tactics setting, but HW1 and now HWR use individual strike craft with a formation system that’s entirely separate from tactics (for which Gearbox appears to have co-opted HW2’s strike group function… and the “formations” those placed ships in were always loose and flexible, unlike HW1’s solid, disciplined groups).

I’m also not certain there’s a significant bonus to attack power or evasion for different tactics settings, like there was in Classic (aggressive caused ships to use the higher of their two listed attack damages; evasive made them dodge more effectively but IIRC increased fuel consumption- in Cataclysm, evasive also caused strike craft to automatically break off and dock for repairs when badly damaged). That might be a result of the RNG hit system- it is difficult to determine whether a ship is getting hit more or less when there are no physical projectiles and every shot has a fixed chance to miss regardless. It is likely that tactics settings do tweak those percentages up and down, but the difference is fairly minimal.

The primary function of tactics in HWR so far is to determine a ship’s behavior- whether it will pursue any enemy in sight (aggressive), fire on enemies in range and respond if fired upon (defensive), or hold fire until ordered otherwise (passive). Other than that it’s not of much use as yet.