Attack Carrier Script

In my mod, I am trying to get the Turanic Attack Carrier to attack fleets and not act like a refinery. Could someone help me with this?

Is it because the attack style is set to justshoot?

no. I put it to “movetotargetanshoot” but the carriers still follow the harvesters. They don’t go with other ships to attack enemy fleets.


Check ai\default\classdef.lua. I think you need to move the ship from the squadclass ‘eBuilder’ to ‘eDestroyer’ or something else that fights.

Would the carrier still build ships?

I don’t know; you’ll have to try it out. A human could still build out of it for sure. You can also try putting the carrier in more than one group, like ‘eBuilder’ and ‘eDestroyer’ - that might work too.

It works. It will still follow the harvesters around but sometimes it will go with strike groups to attack the enemy fleet(s).


An update to this.

eBattlecruiser builds ships and attacks enemies. Hope this was helpful to anyone who needed help with this.