Attack command and Master tree need a big revamp

I understand the thought process behind it, to make Fl4k and their pet more involved in the play style, but since the launch of the game, the way it works is so incredibly slow and cumbersome to use for so little gain, that I am fairly certain nobody bothers to make use of it. I have not used it ever since I reached True Vault hunter Mode!

My suggestions to make it worthwhile are:

  1. Have it instantly triggered upon issuing the command, no matter what the pet is currently doing.
  2. If the pet is too far away, have it speed warp/jump over to do the attack, or launch a ranged version.
  3. Increase the radius and damage of the attacks
  4. Increase the damage of the attacks, and also allow the attack to benefit from both the pet’s damage bonus stats, and from Fl4k’s damage bonus stats.

In regards to the Master tree, the biggest issue is the capstone, on top of the majority of the abilities in the tree being awful, even after buffs to the pets there are several skills nobody would ever include in a build and I hope gearbox will look at revamping it.

  • Ferocity: I only ever see anyone put 2 points into it for lack of option to put more points into persistence hunter which is the only good skill in that row.
  • Go for the Eyes!: Even with pet damage buffed, the damage they do still isn’t enough to justify even a single point put toward making them crit, and even then only for 1 whole attack.
  • Who rescued who?: The scaling on the ability isn’t anything to write home about making just 1 point alright to take, and the tiny healing granted to Fl4k as well as the fact pets still die so quickly to anything moderately difficult even if you are healing them non stop mean it isn’t worthwhile to put 5 whole points into this.
  • He Bites!:Only worth 1 point to trigger frenzy from enemies shooting the pet and taking reflect damage.
  • Psycho Head on a Stick: Broken, flat out does not work at all since the game released, and the boosts aren’t anything to be excited for even if it did work.
  • Pack tactics: It’s an okay filler if you get far enough in the tree, but overall nothing amazing.
  • Dominance: Absolutely worthless. Fl4k is one of the most frail characters in the game with no reason to be in melee range at all. I know absolutely nobody who has ever seriously gone far enough in the tree to even get this ability.

I agree with all of this idk if u knew. But from what I’ve seen the pet dmg boost on all the new skills doesnt qctually work either and the only dmg boost we are seeing is from the base epet damage increase. I think psycho head on a stick needs to actually work and it needs to be 100%increase maybe even more to make a true pet build but I also think r4kks should benefit from pet dmg so maybe just kept it at 100 but make the pet damage boost form gamma burst much higher actually.
Also the final skill in master tree should make whoever u dominate now count as a pet and they gain the increase in pet damage since it honestly would make sense

I’m gonna get Dominance :joy: I’m excited.

Definitely agree with all of these, although the attack commands already scale off of pet damage skills.


When you combine it with other health regen and high dps gear (Hex grenades, stormfronts, Brainstormer, etc…) it fills in the gaps in Fl4k and pet healing.

Its pet damage that scales off enemy level and pet damage. Considering it’s only an extra 2 points I’ll always put in 3 personally. It’s free damage.

I just got Dominance and I love it. I’m so happy.

How do you use it? Now that we have the Scream of Terror shield, which applies mind control in an AOE, I’ve been wondering what the use case for Dominance is.

I am running a Red Suit, and love to get up close anyway. I’m basically running in, finding the enemy I like most, whacking them, and moving on while they take some damage and do some damage. When I think that’s fading off, I hit the next one. Red Suit keeps the nearby enemies ready to pop.

It’s also great for having other enemies handle the target. I had a couple Heavies blow eachother up. It was awesome watching Eridian Guardians attack eachother.

It’s honestly something I’ve been waiting for for forever, and we finally got my Fl4k playthrough far enough :slight_smile:

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