Attack Command Damage Nerfed?

I have been tinkering with a few different pet builds over the last couple weeks, and I have noticed that even with tons of damage pumped into my pets attack command, many of not all of them seem to do LESS damage than a month ago. This is usually in the ballpark of 1500-2000, so I was wondering if anyone else with Master Tree oriented builds has seen this too.

Tbh the attack command damage is so irrelevant that probably nobody would notice anything :rofl:

Last time I used it was the jabbers rocket attack in NVHM leveling up before mayhem, never touched since unless I needed to move the pet.

I forget it existed.

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If anything Iā€™m seeing some increases. My horned skag is hitting above 10k on attack commands, where before a few weeks ago I could only hit 7k at best. I did tinker with my build a bit, so that might be why.