Attack command for Moze now?

Now that we will get iron cub (which is an improved auto bear somehow) is there a chance we will finally get an attack command for auto bear/iron cub?

It really can’t be too hard to implement it
The controls are already in the game for fl4k

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Believe me it is nothing to be jealous of :rofl:


But i hate it when fighting a boss and bear is hunting rakks :frowning:

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Deathtrap has entered the chat


IC’s attack command: summon Iron Bear coz I’m too small to do anything :grinning:

From the streamer testing I saw, IC does not get an attack command. It would be a beautiful thing to have, but no, he just goes his own thing.

not yet, true
but maybe they will implement it?

Always possible true, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful. I’ll just be happy if Iron Cub gets mayhem scaling properly.

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Yeah, it seems like IC is just a mobile version of the old soldier turrets (which is still pretty sweet).

That’s what I had in mind when I first saw the new tree.
Can’t believe Gearbox didn’t give attack command for Iron Cub.
Come on Gearbox. FL4k already has it. Not difficult for applying to Moze, right?