Attack command mystery values

So I didnt know where else to post and I’ve been trying in vein to get solid reliable damage numbers and values for each unique attack command executed by Fl4k pets. The problem lies in a few key areas.

  1. Unlike action skills the attack command for each pet does not have a number value in the text description of the skill.
  2. The target dummy in sanctuary cannot be targeted by attack command so I cannot get accurate values via target dummy.
  3. Many of Fl4k skills are currently not working as intended and various annointments pertaining to attack command outright dont work at all.
  4. Trying to get specific information for damage by running around killing various enemies all with different stats is very difficult.

If anyone is else is out there trying to breath life into an attack command build who can help me make some sense of this mess drop a comment! Tips on items builds synergies ect would be much appreciated!

First things first, attack command builds are only really worth it for a few pets. If we had to rate them in tiers (which I don’t like doing, but eh)

S. Spiderant Countess- her burrowing ability counts as melee for Go for the Eyes, and its basically instant teleportation. Under the right circumstances, this can hit 20k. More likely scenario is between 9-13k though.

Horned Skag- Its attack is also melee for Go for the Eyes, and is also pretty quick in activation. It also aligns better elementally than Countess. Should be able to hit the same damage values.

A. Jabbers- easier to just put them all in the same tier. If you can hit with their attack commands, they’re all pretty powerful, but good luck hitting with them. Gunslinger can harm you, and it takes him forever to pull out the launcher and attack. It also isn’t melee, so it doesn’t get Go for the Eyes. Beefcake is melee, but it’s super slow to initiate the attack so it feels extremely clunky.

No other pet is worth even attempting to build around for attack commands.

The base value for the attack commands of Horned Skag, Countess, and Beefcake should be about 7000.

The base damage of the pet’s normal melee was 1200 pre patch and is now a little over 2400, so assuming the scaling of attack commands is the same it should be around twice as high as the values in the video.
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Wow this information is incredibly useful and helpful for what I’m trying to do here! Thank you very much for your contribution! I was pondering using the jabber rocket but it indeed feels slow and has killed me several times I will definitely try the countess.