Attack Command + SNTNL Drone!

I’ve been unlucky to not find any Attack Command annoints easily yet to test.
However really, if it doesn’t work. I’d like to make a claim that the “attack command” annoint SHOULD WORK WITH ZANE.

His SNTNL drone has an Attack Command ability. He has a similar ability to what Fl4k actually does with his pets.

If this isn’t a thing, can it be? Could anyone with such an annointed weapon be able to test?

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Gearbox made the decision to make this Anointed Beastmaster, rather than just Anointed or Anointed Operative on weapon cards.
So not only shouldn’t it work, Zane’s ability is closer to Wilhelm’s painting a target or Aurelia’s shard being directed to an enemy. if they decided to move it to a global Anointed effect how would it work for Moze or Amara?
Everyone seems to have been given a single class exclusive “Survival” Anointed effect (FL4K’s being this one).


List of effects here.

I am genuinely curious what you’d suggest as a suitable alternative as the Beastmaster exclusive survival for them though, it would need to be something to make the loss of the exclusivity of this worthwhile.


I mean why not look into multi-character annoints? Multiple characters can benefit from an annoint depending on what it does?

If they do… I think that’d be a good example of one.

I am a Zane player and I’m wondering just why would you want an anoint from Fl4k to be usable on Zane when Zane has a certain skill called SALVATION that is MILES better than Fl4K’s anoint. What’s going on?

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Zane does not have an attack command.

The attack command is a specific ability FL4K’s pets have that not only forces them to attack a target, but perform a special move with its own cool down. Zane tells the drone what to attack, but it isn’t an ability with a cool down. They are not the same at all.

You’re essentially asking for GB to give Zane an anointment for permanent 30% lifesteal for pressing a button when you already have Salvation and Seein Dead.


Personally I think having this would bloat the possible rolls drastically.

  • Nothing (non-issue at M10, barring items that can’t be Anointed)
  • Global
  • Beastmaster
  • Siren
  • Operative
  • Gunner
  • Beastmaster/Operative
  • Beastmaster/Siren
  • Beastmaster/Gunner
  • Operative/Siren
  • Operative/Gunner
  • Siren/Gunner
  • Beastmaster/Operative/Siren
  • Beastmaster/Operative/Gunner
  • Beastmaster/Siren/Gunner
  • Operative/Siren/Gunner

You’d then have a nightmare of coding, balance, filling the item card out without cramming too many words into such a limited space. Plus, imagine the surge in RNG on everything.


It’s more of a target command then an attack command. When you do it on Fl4k it actually does a specific attack. When you use it on Drone it does the same attacks as always but just changes it’s target.