Attack Damage and Fire Balls (pew pew)

Hello everyone! Last night i went up a really good team as ambra and i noticed the enemy ambra had attack damage gear (specifically symbiotic gauntlet) coupled with her legendary. This perplexed me when she hit level 7 she took the Radiant Halberd. I was under the impression that skill damage affected her fireballs, but does attack damage work as well? I was gonna go test it but then i thought “nah i’ll bug my fellow forum members first.”

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They are boosted by attack damage. And I always activate my Shard of Jennar before I hit level 7, so I can’t confirm if skill damage boost them or not.

skill damage is indeed boosted by it, When i use Bola’s target finder it procs the debuff, so the fire balls count as skill damage!

I once had level 7 before I activated Shard of Jennar. I was definitely doing more damage with it after I activated it so I guess it scales with both skill and attack damage.

Shhhh, drop this conversation Right Now!
Before Gearbox figures this out.

I’ve melted entire teams with that level 7 awesomeness.


So i did some testing and it does scale with both, this gives me so much more creativity to work with in my loadouts!

People need to keep their mouths shut :wink:
To people wondering, there’s no reason why I run her leggy, Solar Sustainer, and Symbiotic Gauntlet with 4 Ernest’s during Chaos Rumble. Absolutely no reason at all (I got messaged once. :imp:)


I thinks it’s more of a “fwoosh” than a “pew”


hmmm maybe even a “shwoom”