Attack Damage....Attack Speed...What are they?

Excuse my ignorance but what is Attack Speed and Attack Damage?

Is Assault Rifle Fire or Grenade Fire from Oscar Mike’s Weapon…or even his Airstrike considered “Attack Damage”

And what on earth is Attack Speed…is it simply a melee term??

Pull Right Trigger, or Click Left Mouse? Attack Damage and Attack Speed apply to that. Press a button? Skill damage.

Attack I think would be your primary and secondary attack. There is skill damage that would be used for things with cool down. Attacks would have reload (if any). Attack speed would decrease time between each sword swing or projectile.

Thanks…am a PC guy with a mouse/controller hybrid setup…

But I think I get your drift.

AR Fire = Attack Damage
Rifle Grenade = Attack Damage
Airstrike - Skill Damage

At least for Oscar Mike…
And I guess Attack Speed doesn’t apply to him

So attack speed would change the Fire Rate of OM’s Assault Rifle??

Grenade is skill damage. Just LT/RT or Left/Right Mouse for Attack. All three of your skills (OM doesn’t have a damaging second skill so not the best example lol) are buffed by Skill Damage.

Yea he will shoot faster

Yes he would shoot faster but be aware it will not increase clip size so he would need to reload more often.

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