Attack / Reload Speed Questions

Ok so for the longest time I just assumed that Attack speed affected every character in the game and that reload speed affected every character with any sort of gun or bow or launcher.

But that is obviously not the case.

Is there any hard and fast rule for determining who will be affected by Attack and reload speed?

Yes; not ISIC or Toby, and i BELIEVE not Thorn.

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I’m assuming you tested this on Toby?

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Yep, and i actually THOUGHT it made a small difference when stacked enough, at first; but several others convinced me otherwise, and after more EXTENSIVE testing with a timer, i found that it actually DOESN’T affect his charge rate; non-charged shots i didn’t test, now that i think about it, as i don’t care about that.

Even if it DOES affect it, based on my first round of tests, it’s so insignificant as to be considered inferior to a DPS increase from stacking additional attack damage. I wish i had the Orbital Tracking Spike for a larger bonus to test but, alas, it continues to elude me…

Also, these were GEAR-based tests; whether or not things like Ernest’s egg affects it is unknown to me, but it definitely FEELS like it doesn’t affect it.

Good deal, I’m pleased to know I’ve been wasting 3 gear spots hahaha

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Hey, i rolled with the same thing for MONTHS before someone corrected me, and i’m, like, LITERALLY Toby to people on here, haha! So don’t feel bad. I think it’s the placebo effect combined with confusion over Toby’s FORCEFIELD decreasing his railgun’s charge-time, because that DEFINITELY does decrease it.

Attack speed doesn’t affect attacks that tick … such as Ambra’s primary or Kleese’s shock tazer. It still affects their other attacks, including the time between hits of Ritual of Repulsion. But it won’t make any effect that functions like a DoT any slower or faster.

For Thorn, I believe attack speed affects how fast she charges her arrows, and reload speed affects the time between firing and being able to fire again, though neither difference is significant enough to warrant a gear slot. Either way attack damage is better for her than either one, even if it’s a secondary attack stat.

As for attack speed affecting Isic and Toby … I’m fairly certain they did. In the case of Toby, I thought hit shots charged a little faster … but it’s the same as with Thorn: even a much smaller attack damage stat is better because it doesn’t improve damage at max charge, and odds are you’ll be spending time holding the charge to line up a shot anyhow. But since I don’t play Toby I can’t say either way for sure.

Charge time is never increased
Montana has heat reduction with reload speed
Thorn charges very slightly faster with attack speed (not worth it unless you spam quick charged shots)
Tick rate (Ambra, Miko) is not increased by attack speed
In general, attack speed is still slightly stronger than attack damage in most cases for whatever reason. Don’t know why. But devs have agreed

@HandsomeCam have you tested it with ernest and trix att speed buff?

Im confused coz it seems to reduce the charging time.

No, i already said i didn’t; i REALLY want to NOW though… @FlamesForAll and i could suppress lanes together quite effectively by combining our shield and egg.

Reload speed has no effect on Montana.

I’ve always heard different. I could very well be wrong, I never play him, but I’ve heard this like, all the time. Umm
@NatsumeRyu? I remember you saying it the most clearly. When Beatrix first came out and he was melting me while Patient Zero’d

His normal heat cooldown takes his heat from 100% to 0 in 10 secs. If you slap on a +20% reload speed gear it takes about 8 secs. I actually run -reload gear sometimes because i want his heat to build up faster as a matter of fact. This can all be tested rather easily, so don’t just take my word for it. But still :upside_down:


This is true. What dosent work is x buff after a reload.

Actually ISIC is effected by attack speed those shots he fires while he’s charging fire off faster but it doesn’t effect his charge speed (thou this is from beatrix’s buff I haven’t tryed it with regular gear yet)

I just tested Montana with -60% and then +40% reload speed from gear. Reload speed flaws had no effect at all, while normal reload speed only applies to heat cooldown. I hadn’t tested cooldown before, so I guess reload speed does have an effect.

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Isn’t it the opposite.

Team up with an Ernest/Beatrix for a massive bonus to test with

Apparently not. I’m not sure how but it seems to win. I think it’d be weaker both stats based and having to reload earlier but all I’ve heard is that it still slightly stronger

@reliikki / @epicender584
May just be a Theory vs. Practice thing: On paper, accuracy is normally ignored. So we’re actually comparing those stats based on a 100% hit chance. (Which is sort of necessary from a min-maxing standpoint.)

In reality, however, you’re not going to land every single hit. I believe this is the reason Attack Speed slightly outperforms Attack Damage. You’re just not losing out on your gear boni if you miss.