Attack speed for montana?

will having an attack speed gear even do anything for him? and what does second shield recharge do and how do i use it effectively?

I’m pretty sure attack speed increases rate of fire for ranged characters.

The -1.00 second shield recharge reduces the time it takes between when you last took damage and when your shield starts recharging. I suppose that using it effectively means making sure that you duck into cover when yor shield goes down to give your gear a chance to do its thing.

but then wouldnt it be the same as having a piece of shield recharge gear you know the round arc mine one

Shield recharge delay = When your shield starts to recharge after taking damage

Shield recharge rate = How fast your shield recharges. So instead of 50 shields a second it would be 75 shields a second or something like that.

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i see now, so the - shield delay is better

It actually depends on what you play and how you play it.
For AS for Montana,he actually has it on his legendary (+max health,+atk speed) and he does profit from it pretty nicely.
As to recharge rate vs delay,for example,Kleese with the build where he discharges his full shield with the mortars,I’ve seen players playing this with delay,Kleese getting more than enough shield capacity and shield recharge (through his rifts).
And the list of example can go on,there is some nice possibilities with the gears,for now.

For Montana I have an atk speed with, a crit with atk speed, and his legendary… I’m pretty aggressive lol

If you have Montana’s Legendary, Attack Speed is pretty good for him, as his damage per shot is based on his level of Heat, which also accumulates per shot. This is because his legendary cuts the heat per shot in half after you reach 85%, which means you get twice as many shots at near top damage before overheating, and of course attack speed means you ramp up to top heat faster as you fire more shots.

That said, you’ll likely still want to pick “The Cooler” at level four so Hailstorm can be used to keep firing when you overheat, and in PvE you’ll probably want “Feel the Burn” as well so if Hailstorm is down you can keep killing.

I used to use recoil reduction with Montana but switched to an Attack Speed build with amazing results! Managing heat becomes a bit more of a challenge, but between a blue attack speed item and Montana’s legendary, I generally run with a 10-15% attack speed increase and HO-LY-CRAP he’s more effective. It’s like controlling a laser of bullets. It’s harder to not shoot things!

I did a guide…well, more of a rant of sorts about Montana’s who play Firestorm in PvP. :slight_smile: Attack Speed will SKYROCKET your damage when you play a chilly Monty. Remember, every round fired normally will increase your heat, so you generate it faster…but every round fired during Hailstorm once you get The Cooler at level 4, DECREASES your heat just as fast. It is VERY easy to pingpong between high and low heat states, to effectively NEVER stop firing. :slight_smile: