Attack speed gear for toby

(Colby ) #1

Is it something I should consider using or is it worthless

Which gear effects which abilities
(Pain_Parade) #2

i focus on damage and crit damage…you dont even have to zoom with toby just make sure to take the helix option that reduces charge up time. fast as you can squeeze the trigger you can start poppin heads.

(Colby ) #3

I tried that, it seems like I suck with toby. i’ll be doing full charge hits with him through his fource field. and the people I continue to hit barely take any damage. then they turn to me and kill me instantly. I just don’t get it. I just must really suck at this game.

(Pain_Parade) #4

Stay mobile…use shield pen and crit gear

(Ambra's Arbiter) #5

He takes a lot of practice. I’d reccomend a little PVE or a private match. Less pressure, and you can try new things. The most important thing is not to get frustrated.

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(Colby ) #6

Thanks, I really want to get that double kill lore done and Ill be finished with his lore. But with the way I play. I feel he will be level 15 before it ever happens lol.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #7

Just ask whoever playing with you to help. If you play with friends (I dont) get Ghalt, Galilea, and, Miko and Shayne in a premade and you can probably do it.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #8

Get attack power+skill dmg and extra shield or shard generator.

Stay back waay back, always full charge b4 shoot and if your aim is not that good dont try to crit. Stun is amazing meele battleborns, slow against stealth and pull against healers to out positioning them.

Just keep the shooting, pin them in place, toby can Dish 250 dmg irc.

For its lore try to kill an assasin and use your ult inmediatly to kill a support or a squishy character (i killed a rath, got close to stun and crit kill him, then used my ult to kill reyna with overshield lvl 8)