Attack Speed Orendi - Going 17 -0 on Meltdown (Xbox)

(Tommygross06) #1

First off I know most PC people are going to be like 17-0 isn’t much blah blah, I’ve played PC it’s easier to get crits and aim so yeah this is on console which is great against a pre made team.

Also worth noting that Orendi 's primary role should be lane clearing seeming as her shadow fire pillar can easily take out ads and has one of the shortest cooldowns. Secondly,I look more for survivability in my builds than most people do. The longer I’m on a lane the more I do to help the entire team!

Anyways Helix Build I use:
lvl1 LT
lvl2 RT
lvl3 RT
lvl4 RT
lvl5 Y or RT
lvl6 RT
lvl7 LT (RT for more survivability)
lvl8 RT
lvl9 LT
lvl10 Both are good until you get mutation

Items used:
Vow of zealus fury +9.8% Attack Speed, +7% Crit dmg, activating a skill stacks 1.98% attack speed.5 stacks
Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft - 9.8% attack damage, 5.6%attackspeed
Energizing haute-couture kevlar - 272 Max hp, 27.24 sheid recharge per second

With this build it allows you to chase weaker opponents with orendi’s primary as well as give you enough survivability to get out of danger. If you want to see the video of the 17-0 match then visit my channel and look for the Orendi attack Speed video. I also post builds videos for other characters as well. (Link down below) If you find this helps you feel free to help me out by subscribing and liking the videos, and thanks in advance if you do!

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(thenanobear) #2

I was playing a similar build in pve for fun and thought it was funny to see her shoot her primary like a machine gun lol

(Tommygross06) #3

I was like wow this actually isn’t that bad of a build. I know you want to stack skill power with her but this was fun!