Attack Speed test on Ambra

Does attack speed apply to Ambra’s staff beam? Here’s my test. Let me know if you agree with my finding or if you have a more accurate test that proves me wrong.

Not necessarily proving you wrong, but two thoughts: first, you commented about the healing number being the same in the side-by-side comparison. This is true, but it looks like they have the same number for different lengths of time, which would be appropriate when boosting attack speed and not attack damage.

The best test for this would honestly to be to find an enemy that Ambra can kill with just her beam, and then see the difference, if any, in how long it takes for her to kill it. Relying getting killed by a thrall instead is problematic, because PvE enemies can do different amounts of damage depending on what attack they’re doing. During the side-by-side, the attack speed side was actually doing better than the non-attack speed side until the end.

You may be right that it doesn’t have an impact, though. If no, I imagine that it’s a quirk of beam attacks, and probably functions that way so that attack speed doesn’t, for example, boost the healing per second on Miko’s secondary, or Ambra’s primary when she takes the heal beam helix.

Edit: Or it could just be a quirk of beams not involving individual shots. An interesting thing I’d like to see is if attack speed benefits Alani’s secondary and Reyna’s secondary, because those do have an impact on their healing output.

Yeah, the best test would be to get someone to stand there in a private match and let me drain them.

But If there was a 10% difference I think it would have been noticeable in these the test that I did.

Dude just load up a private match on paradise vs one bot and time how long it takes you to kill the accelerator. Very easy way to test anything.

Hmm, that could work as long as the bot or minions don’t interfere.

They don’t. Just run past the first wave. They ignore you entirely and the thumper turret can’t hit you. Piece of cake. Here I’m talking about the more open lane. The other one’s a bit more tricky because of the turret. If you see an AI just hammer them until they run away.

I’ll try this tonight. Thanks!

I tried testing on an accelerator but as I thought, the accelerator slows your attack speed. So that didn’t work.

Then I tired a healing station but I have to rely on the bots to build them and build them at the same tier. So it’s a big pain.

Two simple options :

  1. (assuming single bot enemy) Let enemy bot build center lane shock turret. Clear lane. Test against turret.
  2. Test against base thrall

Same problems. That would assume that the bot will build the turret and that it will build the same level turret each time. From my experience with the healing station. The bots are not consistent. One bot built the station as a tier 1. the next bot never built the station. The next bot built it to tier 3.

My original test are against the base Thrall…But there is some question as to how accurate it is.

Best option is to get another player to let me test on them. When I can find someone willing I will do a bunch of test.

If u r on PC friend me and I’ll help u. Also, the base Thrall numbers are good. I’ve tested extensively on them then seen those numbers reflected in live PVP matches.

PS4…but thanks

Doesn’t matter that it slows your attack speed. Isn’t the point just to see if attack speed gear affects Ambra?

If so:

  1. Test with slow vs accelerator
  2. Test with slow and gear vs accelerator

If 2 is faster than 1, you’re done.