Attacker Damage Mechanics and Summoned Objects

After playing a match where Thorn was 2-shotting my shield as Toby, I did some testing and found that the 15% Damage increase on Attackers applies to Summoned objects. Summoned objects do not deal any less damage to Defenders so the 15% Damage Reduction is not applied in this case.

This is pretty inconsistent and is a net nerf to Summoned Objects and hurts Toby and Kleese quite a bit. I’m also curious to know how this affects ISIC’s rotating wards. Do they become especially weaker when dropped? I think some consistency would be a welcomed change here or at least buff the durability of these deployables.

Ghalt’s Traps, Toby’s Shield and Mines, Marquis’ Hoodinis, Earnest’s Egg, Miko’s Mushroom, Ambra’s Sunspots, ISIC’s Wards(?), Kleese’s Rifts, and Deande’s Clone(?)

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As far as I’ve seen, it applies to all targets which are not Battleborn, which includes deployables such as the ones your mentioning aa well as buildables.


I’ve noticed this as well. As I see it, it’s causing some of the biggest changes in PvP.

Level 5+ Orendi and Thorn seem to benefit the most, tearing through everything that isn’t a player or minion like tissue paper. Post-Curse long-range Blight and most any flavor of SF Pillar melt most any stationary map object in a drive-by. If Thorn or Orendi are present on the enemy team, I don’t bother building any Accelerators in the lane (except to apply emergency Slow during a chase), because it feels like I’m just buying them XP with my Shards – well, more than it did before, at least.

Since the buff, Phoebe also feels very strong in Face-Off, and to a lesser degree, Capture. Her kit lets her move between Varelsi spawns quickly with little risk, her attacks melt Varelsi rather well (especially a crit-laden Blade Rush), and every level gained just makes it easier and easier (especially when Passata lands at Level 5). Then, once she’s Level 5+, she has very little problem clearing any player-generated defenses around the mask turn-in in Face Off or a point in Capture. I’m sure it was decent before, but with the Attacker buff, it feels fast enough to be abusive.

And as the OP says, it’s probably the most unkind to Kleese, and especially Toby. It seems easy to drop Toby’s Field now with any ranged Battleborn, and extremely easy to do with a ranged Attacker, especially WF.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the all these Attacker buffs. I like how it encourages Attackers to put their focus back on wave clear and knocking out stationary defenses, which speeds up the game, but non-turret buildables have become trivial to destroy. I’m okay with it being that way early in a match, but I don’t think Tier 3 Accelerators, Tier 3 Supply Stations, and Level 7+ summoned objects should be so easy to erase from the map. Those extra levels should mean something.

On a related note, while it’s likely impossible to implement at this point, it would have been interesting if buildables in Battleborn could take on characteristics depending on the class that built them – i.e. a Stinger built by an attacker would deal more damage, one built by a Defender would have more shields and HP, and one built by Support would heal itself faster over time. Attacker Supply Stations would deal a little bit of AoE damage, Defender Supply Stations would add a bit of DR, and Support Supply Stations would heal a bit more. Nothing major, just little nudges in the numbers and behavior, to mix things up, an add a small element of strategy.

If such a system was in place, it might have been something to leverage as a tactical counter to this Attacker buff.

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Even before the attacker buff I could nuke a turret almost to zero with orendi’s pillars. most of the burst classes can rip turrets apart.

– which is exactly why the issues with tacking on an extra 15% needs to be addressed in some way. Orendi was already melting buildables, and that’s fine. I feel like the sweet spot for a Tier 3 buildable to drop should be, say, a Level 8 SF Pillar, plus a couple of shots. and I think it’s taking far, far less than that at the moment, especially with Skill+ Gear activated.

Perhaps the answer could be halving the Attacker buff against buildables/objects (down to 7.5%), so that Minions are the highest value target for an Attacker. For Defenders, leave them with the 15% DR against Minions and Turrets, so they can mix it up in the lane and tank non-player damage. Then add 10% DR to any pulsing damage caused by a player object – Attack Egg damage, Miko Shroom damage, Kleese Rifts – but not to any direct one-shot object damage (Ghalt’s trap explosion, detonating Deande clones, et cetera).

Pretty much any character with any sort of rapid-fire ranged shot (OM, Montana, WF, Caldarius) could rip through Toby’s force shield like tissue paper before. He’s basically unplayable against certain team makeups as is. If they’ve made that problem even worse, well… I dunno, I can’t think of anything clever to say about that.

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So now my forcefield is even MORE useless?!