Attacks that Match the Look

Now as a note I’d like to say that this might be something they add in with a possible higher tier of skins as I believe we are now seeing T2 skins.

When I got on today I stopped by the local marketshop to pick up some skins of my favorite battleborn, I love the look of some of them. I jumped into a public match with Orendi and her new skin and thought that my attacks would match the look of the skin. That meaning things like either bright pink or cyan basic attacks, a swirled pillar of fire and so on.

But it appears that this isn’t the case, we just got the skins changed and not the visuals for the attacks. I’m not sure how everyone else feels about it but I would love to see our attacks match this new skin tier’s colours.

My guess is if this becomes a thing we wont see it until tier 3. Thoughts?

For certain, more expensive Tier 3 skins this could be fun. Also annoying as other players would have to cope with learning variations on attacks they’ve already learned to avoid. I’m roughly neutral on this.

I’d say that color-coordinating attack displays does veer a little too close into “altering gameplay” territory for skins. Especially because so many deadly attacks have the telltale display to let you know they’re coming. I feel like altering that is much more impactful than just altering the skin of the character. We’re used to color swaps there.

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Some of the skins in league alter the character appearance and attacks quite dramatically. I don’t see where it would be a problem here, especially since BB is never going to churn out skins and heroes at the rate that game does.

I agree, Smite does the same thing. While yes we would have to learn what all the new attacks look like this is common for quite a few MOBA’s with Tier 3 skins.