Attempting to make 2 of Zane's skills better

Two skills I wanna look at is Trick of the Light and Like a Ghost. Trick of the Light is eh but there are better skills and Like a Ghost is just plain terrible. So I’m gonna try least attempt to make them better with my own ideas.

Trick of Light Buff Concept: Zane and his digi-clone deals Bonus Cryo Damage to enemies if the enemies aren’t targeting them. (Meaning Zane will get bonus cryo damage if they are targeting the clone or someone else and the clone will get the bonus cryo damage if they are targeting Zane or someone else).

Trick of Light Buff Concept #2: Zane and his digi-clone deals bonus cryo damage to enemies that damages them.

Trick of Light Buff Concept #3: Zane and his digi-clone deals bonus cryo damage to any enemy that targets them for more than 4 seconds.

I couldnt choose one so you guys can choose which is better.

Like a Ghost Buff Concept: Zane and his Digi-Clone has (up to 50% chance) to ignore bullets for 10 seconds after killing an enemy. This ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds. (Idk if this is too op, so u guys can tweak the numbers and time).

Like a Ghost Buff Concept #2: Zane and his digi-clone has a chance to ignore bullets after getting a kill (up to 20% chance and his changed to a kill skill, again idk if this is too op so please change the numbers if you want).

I agree to Trick of Light Buff #1
For like a ghost I would’ve liked something that has to do with swapping or moving fast.
So either more evasion for Zane with faster movementspeed or more evasion for Zane and his clone after swapping places. The latter being my favourite

Zane has a bunch of skills which need buffing.

  • Best Served Cold would be twenty times better if it gave us additional damage against frozen targets, and it would buff the entire tree.
  • Nerves of Steel should be activated similarly to Confidence Competence and buff critical hits and cryo efficiency.
  • While on the subject of the Under Cover tree, all the action skill augments should effect the Barrier whether it is held or placed.
  • There’s been good stuff written elsewhere about the Hitman augments so I won’t add anything here.
  • Trick of the Light I think I’d just make a flat bonus for a certain period of time after switching places with your clone, long enough to always have it up if you so choose.
  • Like A Ghost I’m just not sure.

The problem is that Zane had massive problems up till they released DLC1 with the Seein’ Dead class mod and that mod has now pretty much become the go-to class mod for him as a character. I just can’t tell you how much this limits his build diversity. The Seein’ Dead effect should be made the capstone of the Hitman tree and then have his other trees and mods buffed. If all that happened, it would be a very good day for our favourite outer space Irish boyo.


I agree with everything you said

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