Attempting UVHM level 72 using only common items. am I mad?

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all!
I’ve just made a new video explaining on what I am going to in bl2 that i don’t think has been done before on youtube.

I’m planning on running UVHM at level 72 with zero… but there’s a catch, I can only use common weapons and items nothing else.

I’m going to upload all of my progress in a small or large series depending how long it takes! If anyone has attempted this before or got any advice on common weapons/items i should look out for let me know by either commenting here or on the video.

I want to know whether or not you guys as borderlands fans would find that sort of series entertaining or not?

you’ll find more information in the video attached.
Thanks minions!

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Nah you can do it. Just use lots of slag either from a… Slag bouncing betty, slag sniper or slag smg. (Also Kunai)
Then ofc have a Fire gun & Corrosive gun. & you should be fine.

Edit: No uniques means no moxxi so slag transfusions will be your best friend. Good luck with Saturn

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While the weapons themselves may be “boring” without some fun gimmick to work around, white COMs are noticeably weaker (they won’t enhance any skill points, I believe), and relics will only enhance a single feature (cooldown rate or elemental damage, for example: no Bone of the Ancients). Shields will also be noticeably softer, but there is a lot of damage/survival potential lost with the white COMs and relics.

If the kills are entertaining, I’m in. If it’s just a slug fest as you struggle to whittle enemies down in your nerfed state, maybe not? If it’s fun to play with this particular handicap, post the videos anyway: you had fun, some people will like it, and ignore the ones that don’t! :smile:

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Already gave it trial run and its fair to say its going to be tough but i think its doable. got lucky enough to get a slag pistol and a jakobs sniper that should be good enough to get me to sanctuary.

Ye I’ll do a few episodes and see the feedback if the people want more I’ll do more. if not I’ll probably do it anyway should keep me engaged into playing borderlands for like the third year running haha

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Will you leave BAR on? I’d try it with my BAR on, but it would be bloody hard without it!

I’ve done this with all non red text Maya runs and it was a lot of fun. I SAY GO FOR IT.

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heres the first video guys!